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ZX Spectrum Games

2021 ( 73 ) 27 AugBootskell [40]The Humans updTorreoscura en part 1 part 219 AugThe Humans [80]15 AugWonderful Dizzy v1.4 [100]9 AugForward To The Past [70]Ninja Carnage side A side B26 JulOh Mummy Remake [80]Pillars 48K [60]Resistance 2021 [60]Tardigrade 16K [70]Wonderful Dizzy v1.3.1 [100]20 JulMahjong v1.04 128K 48K [70]Stripping Penelope [80]9 JulMowy Adventures: Beer Quest 128K 48K [40]Pillars 128K [60]Stonewalk [50]Yet Another Krappy Platformer 16K [60]Yopparai Sarariiman en es [80]1 JulSuperHair 128K 48K [80]Travel Through Time Vol.1: Northern Lights [100]23 JunAkane en es [80]The Doom Of The Pond en es [90]Heli16 JunMahjong Solitaire 128K 48K [70]7 JunInding Of Baasic 48K SC Edition [70]Manic Miner 4 NoobsManic Mulholland [60]Silk Dust part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [90]Sophia 2021 en pt es [80]Sophia II 2021 en pt es [90]1 JunA World Of One-Way 16K [80]Apulija-13 v2.01 128K 48K [80]Bolder Dash 16K [70]Dungeon 16K [70]Inding Of Baasic 48K [50]Popeye 2021 [60]Space Thunder [80]24 MayAunt Rose [40]Lost In My Spectrum v2.1 128K 48K [60]Pitman16 MayCrown Of The Mountain King v1.1 [40]10 MayKlondike Solitaire v1.01 [70]Space Invaders v1.2 [60]6 MayProject: RE.VE.LA.TION [70]25 AprJet Pack Neo normal slow [80]20 AprCosmito Ship TrainingFarila Y Los Duendes Del FrioLa Ultima Mazmorra [50]15 AprBomb Munchies v2310Escape From Freakonia [90]Escape From MONJAS v1.4 en es [80]8 AprAstro Phobos 128K 48K [70]5 AprMonsieur Le-Pâlotte [30]Novabug [40]Sorcery Island en part 1 en part 2 es parte 1 es parte 2 [90]Space Invaders v1.1 [60]Willy Does The Great Pyramid [80]1 AprMabus Mania en es [80]Metamorphosis [90]S.O.L.O. en es [80]26 MarBomb Munchies v2290Crazy Blaster [70]Down The Pipe [70]Duckstroma v1.02 48K [80]23 MarBrick Rick: Graveyard Shift [90]Danterrifik III [80]18 MarAir War: Cross Or Die [70]Misifu Remeow11 MarDizzy Extended Edition 2021 [90]Yanga Plus6 MarThe Adventure Of Bean [30]Agente Azul missões diurnas missões nocturnas [70]Anteater [60]The Dark: Lost Pages [100]Dark Transit [70]Dark Transit Kappa Strikes Back [70]Desolate [70]Lost Cavern [60]Ninja Poison part 1 part 2 [70]Organic Matter [30]Paleto Jones Y La Tumba Del Tio Ramon [70]Pretty Sheep [60]Somewhere In Hell [70]10 JanThe Dark ReduxFrantic PengoTransylvanian Castle 2 pt [80]

2020 ( 181 ) 24 MayStay Alive8 Apr(2020) Football Manager Revisited 202118 MarAll Hallows Eve 1881Dead Meat11 MarMoritz The Striker 128K [70]Mr Hair And The Fly [90]Pi-Dentity 128K [60]6 JanAdv Zombie Survival Lawnmower Sim v201213 [40]Numeris IIRed Raid: The Sinking side A side B [70]1 JanFormula One 2020 mod v1.25 [90]27 Dec24 Hour Parsley People pt ep 1 ep 2 ep 3 [100]Mad Mix Game 30 Anos ptRun! [70]24 DecMousetrapRoger The Pangolin [70]Xmas Oid23 DecA Very Sheepy Xmas [60]Hero CultsHuida De MoriaMazmorras De TokatRatosEl Tesoro Del DragónWonderful Dizzy [100]16 DecManic Panic v1.59 DecMarsmare: Alienation [100]Red Raid: The Beginning side A side B [80]White Jaguar [80]Yoyo's Big Adventure [90]5 Dec9999 In 1 [70]Cosmic Payback [100]Enigmatik en pt es ru [70]Retrobloc [50]1 Dec1024 [80]Bullet Storm [70]The Castle Of Dr Game [80]Code-112 en es [70]18 NovHexMire Mare [80]Nevermore en pt es [70]Space Journey [60]15 NovTank Battle 2020 [70]11 NovChiquito: Pecador De La Pradera Fistro Diodenar [70]Chloe Aprende A Reciclar [50]Duckstroma [80]ZXS Spyctrum Mission [80]4 NovGremlins 2 30 Anos pt [80]Little Ninna [70]The Seance [70]1 NovDanterrifik II v1.1 [80]El Día De Los Muertos es deFormula One 2020 mod19 OctBehind Closed Doors 9 [70]Hell Yeah! [80]Mr Palo T [40]Retarded Creatures & Caverns 2 [80]14 OctCardinal Chains [50]The Witch part 1 part 2 [80]7 OctAstrocop [60]Danterrifik II [80]La Reliquia es en [90]1 OctCastles Of Oktogonia [60]Le Llamaban Trinidad 128K 48K [60]Nosy en es [80]21 SepEriniaSpikie Goes SkiingTransylvanian Castle en pt es [70]13 SepAlchemist II en it [70]Crap Dice 3Flappy Clive en es [80]Por 1000 DolaresSub Blitz10 SepFunky Monkey Kid [70]Liquid War [60]1 SepEl Mandarino en es [70]22 AugAlien Research Centre III [80]Atomicat [70]15 AugBatboy 128K 48K [70]Jetpac RX [100]12 AugF-cking Mili en es [70]H.E.R.O. Returns with intro [70]6 AugColoco [80]1 AugAnother One SokobanFederation Z en es [90]19 JulRoad Trippin' [90]The Shining en it [60]17 JulJetpack Jock easy hard [60]Patrick Paddle [70]Scout's Honour12 JulAd Lunam Plus 128K en es it6 JulParsec1 JulCorey Coolbrew update [70]20 JunCocoa And The Time Machine 128K es [90]Manic Miner With Light Modification15 JunCocoa e a Máquina do Tempo [90]Rat-A-Tat [70]12 JunCocoa And The Time Machine [90]8 JunTorreoscura parte 1 parte 21 JunBlockZ [80]Corey Coolbrew [50]25 MayThe Hoarder en es [70]MagicAble A Kind Of Magic [80]18 May8BitTris [50]Pacman The Curse Of The Slimers [60]Pi-Dentity [60]15 MayBonnie And Clyde [100]The Lost Treasures Of Tulum en es [80]Russian Railway Magnate en ru [70]Toofy's Nutty Nightmare [80]11 MayEmpareja [50]Laberinto [20]Phoskito Y La Especia Dorada [40]8 MayBinary Land [80]Drive Me Crazy [40]Teletexto The Game [60]4 MayThe Great Washing Machine King [40]Manic Miner 2020 Special EditionPac-Hack [80]1 MayLas Aventuras De Rudolphine Rur parte 1 parte 2The Elfin Wars 2Magenta Jim And The Coins Of Doom [40]Mirror Mirror [80]Pataslocas [90]Pedro Pomez 48k [80]Trashman Crisis Time en es [80]Tut-Tut 2020 ed27 AprGranher [30]NGE Non-Graphic Escape [40]La Pulguita [60]Spider Mami 128K 48K [70]23 AprBehind Closed Doors 8 The Pandemic [70]Danterrifik [80]Devil's Quest [70]From Out Of A Dark Night Sky 2nd Night [70]Funky Fungus Reloaded pt en es fr it de [80]Game And Watch Boxing Gym [40]Jumpin' Jupiter prelude [80]Mole HunterMoon Ranger [60]Puzzle Pool16 AprGodkiller 2 Exile NTE v2 intro [80]Jet Pac 2Wudang [100]13 AprCuadragon [50]Sin Instrucciones [30]ZX Connection [60]9 AprMoritz The Striker 48K [70]Shooting Time [50]ZX Master Mind [80]6 AprJungle Queen [40]Ninjakul In The Auic Temple [60]3 AprBlack & White [90]La Isla Del Tesoro [50]Vampire Vengeance [90]29 MarDungeons Of Gomilandia [90]Reverse Pong [70]26 MarColonos ZX [70]Coloristic [70]23 Mar2Cars [20]Alien v1.7The Perils Of Willy [90]Robo Stalker v1.02 [60]Submarine! [50]21 MarMoritz On The Autobahn [70]Papyrus [70]18 MarThe Legacy Of The White Crane en hu [80]UFO [60]15 MarEl Mosquetero De La Reina capitulo 1The Pit [50]12 MarGnoni 2020 [70]Monte Infierno [60]NumerisRoque Y Sus Bloques [50]9 MarSpringbot Mars Attack! [80]Trace It![60]6 MarBandito [50]Bit Factory [30]3 MarSliding Blocks [60]1 MarThe Queen's Footsteps part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [90]Sophia v1.2 en pt es fr it de sv ru [80]22 FebFiresnake [50]11 FebThe Curse Of Trasmoz [80]6 FebEsquinas [70]Galaxia 20 [60]2 FebDerinkuyu [60]20 JanAnillos De Saturno [30]War Stars [60]18 JanZX Parachute [70]8 JanDaley Thompson's Decathlon 2020

2019 ( 135 ) 10 SepRestless Andre pt en6 JulPandemia XXI8 MayA Little Fish Big Tale [30]27 AprBolalela 329 MarCell 3326 [60]9 MarEight Feet Under part 1 part 2 [90]8 JanRygar mod29 DecLafix II [60]Tetris 2019 [70]25 DecCheesy Chase Moritz And The Mildewed Moon [70]Crap Dice 2Joe Blob v2Merry Night ShiftSprouty [80]Spy School 223 DecYanga [60]Yazzie [90]21 DecAd Lunam en es it [80]Moon And The Pirates en es [70]The Order Of Sleeping Dragon [80]Valley Of Rains [100]19 DecThe Legend Of The Frog PrinceSochi Nights [20]Space Monsters Meet The Hardy [90]17 DecQuest For Elements [50]Robo Stalker [60]15 DecThe Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair [80]Mantra Kill [50]Pre-Zu [70]13 DecJust A Gal [80]Little Mouse Adventure [50]11 DecHunt Buck Nuclear Defence [70]Interceptor 2020 [30]9 DecDrift! [70]Ernesto's Adventures [70]7 DecAlone In Dark Maze [60]Automated Cave Explorer [90]5 DecGodkiller: New Timeline Edition introduction [90]24 NovMini Battle Tank [50]21 NovDirty Dozer [90]14 NovParacaidista Kerl [50]11 NovSpeccy Invaders [60]Targ8 NovTut-Tut [70]4 NovNixy And The Seeds Of Doom [90]Una Bruma En Stratford1 Nov2048 [60]Rescate En Marte [60]27 OctMage Rage [50]24 OctAstro Blaster [80]Che-Man [70]16 OctAznar, The Sport Star [80]Bruce Lee RX [90]6 OctKnights & Demons 2 [70]27 SepFuture Race [60]22 SepQuest For The Sacred Flame Of Hestia [80]17 SepAquanoids Redux Ed13 SepARC 2 The Chocolate Edition [80]Creepy [50]Train Wars [60]11 SepBCD 1 The Director's EditBCD 2 The Cat's Choice EditionBCD 3 Crunchy Cockroach Edit26 AugAlien Research Centre 2 [80]21 AugTwo Days To The Race part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [80]14 AugAmbushBlock Dude [60]The Cave Of MagicDeer Creek [80]From Out Of The Snow [60]11 AugEscape From Dinosaur Island DX [80]7 AugMoon's Fandom Festival [80]4 AugAndy's EscapeEscape To Murky Woods [70]Generació Digital28 JulBulbo And The Blue Dragon [60]Dead End [70]21 JulB1n4ry! [60]Football Manager Revisited 2018-19 v11.43Glazx [60]14 JulCosmito En Imperio Cobra [70]F'n Balls [50]The Hut [60]Manic Miner The Big Bonus EditionRade Blunner 2 [80]16 JunBeing Left Is Not Right [70]Mr Do! [90]7 JunPercy Penguin In The Present Palaver [70]Robot: The Impossible Mission [60]1 JunCastlevania Spectral Interlude pt [100]Chip Rescue [50]Escape Tau Ceti!Fox!Krap Park [70]Operation: Labyrinth Fall [60]24 MaySc0tb0t [40]19 MayBirdy Cantabile [60]10 MayBooty The Remake Black Edition [90]Brain 8 [60]The House On The Other Side Of The Storm [90]5 MayComeme El Chip [80]Droid Buster [60]Lovecraft Mythos [60]ZX Larry [70]1 MayAliens Neoplasma [100]PTM [50]Redshift [90]27 AprLa Casa Al Otro Lado De La Tormenta [90]The Great Caravan CaperJSW 25-100MM 10Rade Blunner [70]The Revenge Of Moriarty [70]Trine Michelson's Hot Parts [60]5 AprHiggy 2 - The Wrath Of McMania [60]Motte And Bailey [70]21 MarAtlantis ZX [60]Behind Closed Doors 5 [60]Behind Closed Doors 6 [60]Dragonfire ZX [40]Misifu La Gatita [40]11 MarISS Emergency [70]Moritz To The Moon [70]5 MarManic Pietro [90]Ninja Gardening Simulator [70]25 FebZX Wonky One Key [20]22 FebBooty The Remake [90]Bulbo's Intrepid Adventure part 1 part 2 part 3 The Supplement [70]Return Of The Roach part 1 part 2 [80]Tiki Taca [90]11 FebSophia 2 [90]1 FebLaetitia part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 [90]25 JanMike The Guitar - The Shooter [70]Nazoler Land [40]21 JanResistance [60]11 JanGluf [90]The Malignant Gore [60]4 JanSardonic [50]

2018 ( 98 ) 18 MarImpossabubble [80]23 AprAtoms29 MarRodman [60]23 MarCheril Of The Bosque En Otro Bosque14 AugNohzdyve [50]10 MayThe Amethyst Dagger [60]Elon M With Jetpack [70]Mad Mix 2 No Castelos Dos Fantasmas [100]Mini Explorer XXXI [50]Super Master v2 [60]Viagem Ao Centro Da Terra versao estendida [100]1 MayFootball Manager Revisited 2018-19Mister Kung-Fu [80]Ninjakul 2 [80]O-Eyes [60]4 JanFillomania [60]28 DecIrmãos Feijoca [80]Octukitty [60]Supermoritz [60]Survival ZX [40]19 DecStercore [40]5 DecClicky Click'sO-Puzz Attack!! [80]25 NovBehind Closed Doors 7 [80]Depth Charge [40]Escape [40]Manic Miner High Score Challenge18 NovCosmic AntifaThe Eggsterminator [40]Rogue [40]The Vectornauts13 NovMaze Death Rally-X [100]Old Tower [80]5 NovGandalf Deluxe [100]GridlManic Mixup [80]PipesRamsbottom Smith [80]Super Serif BrosUnhallowed [100]4 NovAstronaut Labyrinth [80]2 NovPushbot [80]1 OctMax Pickles Part III: The Price Of Power [60]Night Stalker ZX [60]Pooper Scooper [60]Robots Rumble [80]12 SepAll Hallows [100]Max Pickles Part II: The Mine of Doom [60]2 SepMagick [60]Max Pickles Part I: The Haunted Castle [60]Slither Shiny 2018 [40]24 Jul4 KnightsThe Big Sleaze 2 ½ [100]Prospector [60]18 JulSpych [60]The World War Simulator Part II [80]2 JulHibernated 1 [80]Lost In Worlds [40]Neurobic Footy Cup [40]1 JunCapital Cities TesterFroGem SliderNixy The Glade Sprite [100]OPZ [60]PythonQuahappy [60]ROVR [80]Rubicon [100]Thoroughly Modern Willy [60]18 AprAeon intro 1 game 1 intro 2 game 2 intro 3 game 3 intro 4 game 4 the end [80]Tea-Leaf Ted Man version Bear version [80]20 MarKnights [60]16 MarSteel Jeeg [40]11 MarDungeon Raiders [40]Go Race! [60]2 MarEurostriker [80]Invasores Aquaticos 2Scuttle Butt [60]23 FebStepping Stones [60]22 FebRoust [80]20 FebMike The Guitar [60]16 FebApulija 13 v2 [80]Astrosmash! ZX [60]Fantasy Zone Escape From The Pyramid [80]Vindius [60]4 FebAdventures of Jane Jelly The Egg Diamond [80]Bobby Carrot [100]Extruder [60]3 FebNinja Gaiden Shadow Warriors [100]2 FebDr Who Surrender Time [40]Gandalf [100]Gimmick! [80]Parachute [80]30 JanHarbinger The Void intro side A side B side C [100]Jet Set 40-40Mighty Final Fight [100]SQIJ [60]Zxombies [40]

2017 ( 102 ) Abu Sinver Propagation [40]Adventures of Jane Jelly [80]Adventures of Jane Jelly 2 [80]Baby Monkey Alba [60]Beams of Light [60]The Big Javis Adventure [60]Biscuits in Hell [40]Blimpgeddon [80]Boxes [80]Break Space [80]Breakanoid [60]Brick RacerB-Squared [60]Cansino Pac [40]Castle Capers [40]Castle of Sorrow [60]El Chatarrero GalacticoCielo e InfiernoCircuitry [80]Cloud HopperCode Zero [80]Computer Spiele Museum's Museum Guide [60]Cross ChaseCrystal Kingdom Dizzy [100]The Dark HospitalDavey Dudds Loves Peas [40]Dead Space [60]Deep Blue [60]Doom Pit pt [80]Dredd over Eels [60]Egghead 6 [60]Em Busca Do Mortadela [80]La Estrella De La MañanaFoggys Quest [100]Football Manager Revisited 2017-18Genblast [40]Gerry Anderson UFO [40]Globus [40]Grumpy Santa [80]Gup [40]Horace and The Robots [60]Hyperkill [80]The Incredible Shrinking Professor [80]Jet Pack Bob [60]Jet Set MiniJet Set MixupJet Set Willy 2 PlusJillys Farm Volume 1 [100]Juanita and Paquito vs The Evil AliensJubbles [60]JuggleKnight Hero White [60]KnockaboutLeft Behind [60]Lost in My Spectrum v2 [60]Mag The Magician [60]El MataderoMazeract [20]Mine Sweeper [80]Monkey J Treasure of the Gold Temple [40]Monty Mole and the Lost Souls [100]Montys Honey Run [80]Moritz [40]Omelettes for Breakfast [60]Ooze [100]Pickaxe Pete [20]Pilot Attack [40]Pink Pills Manic Moritz and the MedsPixel Quest 2000 [80]Professional Toast Simulator [60]Pumpkin Poe [80]Q Box [80]Raiders Of The Lost Ark [40]Retroforce [80]Robot 1 in Planet of Death [80]Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom [60]Roboprobe [60]Saving Kong [60]Seto Taisho To Kazan [40]SnuffoSophia [80]Sorceress [60]Sorceress 2 [60]Space Escape [60]Space Junk [40]Speccy Pong [80]Squares [60]The Sword Of Ianna [100]Takeout Freakout [60]Terrapins [80]That Sinking Feeling [80]Three Octopuses [40]Topo Mix Game [80]The Treasure of Lumos [60]Twinlight [60]Vade Retro 2 [80]Vallation 128K [80]Wolfcastle McBain [40]Wunderwaffe [80]Xelda [100]Zabij Ducha [40]Zukinox [80]

2016 ( 85 ) Adventures of Winnie The PoohAir ApparentAngry Birds OppositionAttack of the RgbobotsA Yankee In IraqBaresBattle CityBillyboxBobble FrenzyBomb MunchiesCafe Turco Com Os Ex-JugoslavosCapn Rescue ReprisalCar WarsCastawayChunk ZoneCommando 2Crappy CratesCrazy Kong City Episode 1Cuboid CaptorCyber ManiaThe DarkDark CastleDeep Core RaiderDescending DungeonsDingo 2016DispatcherDonkey Kong JrDouble BubbleElf La AventuraEmpireEscape From The Holy TowerFase Bonus The GameFerret BusterFist Ro FighterFlame Princess Adventure TimeFootball Manager Revisited 2016-17Good Night KangaHarbinger Convergence Stage 1 Stage 2Heroes RescueHusband ChoresIn The Walls Of EryxInvasive SpeciesJet Set Willy Heaven and HellJet Set Willy Nightmare EditionLamegaLupo AlbertoMagical Tower AdventureManic Mower 24th Anniversary EditionMerry Christmas From HoraceMr VintikMysterious DimensionsNadralNemokayNextipedePietro BrosPopeye ZXQT48k 01 Entertainment 1 02 Entertainment 2 03 Science 1 04 Science 2 05 Sports 1 06 Sports 2 07 Mixed 1Rediscovered RealmsRetro QuestRompetechosRotten Egg MinesSam MallardSeto Taisho vs Yokai ptSewer RageSnake EscapeSolargunSouls RemasterSpecballSpecsitSpherical 2016Steel BallStela 2Thunderturds 2TourmalineVallationWaiting For The LightWake Me UpWanderers Chained In The DarkWay Of The BurgleWilly Games The First 30 Years QuizWilly's New Mansion Special EditionZnakeZombos Christmas CapersZoombloxZx Nights

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