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New ZX Spectrum games uploaded : 1 Aug(1991) Manchester United Europe [71](1987) The Labours Of Hercules [83](1987) The Serf's Tale [90](1987) Solar Fire [100](1987) Trivial Pursuit: Young Players Edition [85](1987) World Class Leaderboard [90]26 Jul(2021) Oh Mummy Remake(2021) Pillars 48K [60](2021) Resistance 2021 [60](2021) Tardigrade 16K(2021) Wonderful Dizzy v1.3.1 [100](1989) Traz [60](1988) Frightmare [52](1988) Netherworld [79](1988) Star Farce [75](1987) Jack The Ripper part 1 part 2 part 3 [78]20 Jul(2021) Mahjong v1.04 128K 48K [70](2021) Stripping Penelope [80](1983) Luna Crabs [62](1982) Cyber Rats(1982) Invasion Force9 Jul(2021) Mowy Adventures: Beer Quest 128K 48K [40](2021) Pillars 128K [60](2021) Stonewalk [50](2021) Yet Another Krappy Platformer 16K [60](2021) Yopparai Sarariiman en es [80]1 Jul(2021) SuperHair 128K 48K [80](2021) Travel Through Time Vol.1: Northern Lights [100](2014) ZX Destroyer(1988) Lancelot part 1 part 2 part 3 [88](1983) Astro Blaster

2021 ( 59 ) 23 JunAkane en es [80]The Doom Of The Pond en es [90]Heli16 JunMahjong Solitaire 128K 48K [70]7 JunInding Of Baasic 48K SC Edition [70]Manic Miner 4 NoobsManic Mulholland [60]Silk Dust part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [90]Sophia 2021 en pt es [80]Sophia II 2021 en pt es [90]1 JunA World Of One-Way 16K [80]Apulija-13 v2.01 128K 48K [80]Bolder Dash 16K [70]Dungeon 16K [70]Inding Of Baasic 48K [50]Popeye 2021 [60]Space Thunder [80]24 MayAunt Rose [40]Lost In My Spectrum v2.1 128K 48K [60]Pitman16 MayCrown Of The Mountain King v1.1 [40]10 MayKlondike Solitaire v1.01 [70]Space Invaders v1.2 [60]6 MayProject: RE.VE.LA.TION [70]25 AprJet Pack Neo normal slow [80]20 AprCosmito Ship TrainingFarila Y Los Duendes Del FrioLa Ultima Mazmorra [50]15 AprBomb Munchies v2310Escape From Freakonia [90]Escape From MONJAS v1.4 en es [80]8 AprAstro Phobos 128K 48K [70]5 AprMonsieur Le-Pâlotte [30]Novabug [40]Sorcery Island en part 1 en part 2 es parte 1 es parte 2 [90]Space Invaders v1.1 [60]Willy Does The Great Pyramid [80]1 AprMabus Mania en es [80]Metamorphosis [90]S.O.L.O. en es [80]26 MarBomb Munchies v2290Crazy Blaster [70]Down The Pipe [70]Duckstroma v1.02 48K [80]23 MarBrick Rick: Graveyard Shift [90]Danterrifik III [80]18 MarAir War: Cross Or Die [70]Misifu Remeow11 MarDizzy Extended Edition 2021 [90]Yanga Plus6 MarThe Adventure Of Bean [30]Agente Azul missões diurnas missões nocturnas [70]Anteater [60]The Dark: Lost Pages [100]Dark Transit [70]Dark Transit Kappa Strikes Back [70]Desolate [70]Lost Cavern [60]Ninja Poison part 1 part 2 [70]Organic Matter [30]Paleto Jones Y La Tumba Del Tio Ramon [70]Pretty Sheep [60]Somewhere In Hell [70]10 JanThe Dark ReduxFrantic PengoTransylvanian Castle 2 pt [80]

2020 ( 181 ) 24 MayStay Alive8 Apr(2020) Football Manager Revisited 202118 MarAll Hallows Eve 1881Dead Meat11 MarMoritz The Striker 128K [70]Mr Hair And The Fly [90]Pi-Dentity 128K [60]6 JanAdv Zombie Survival Lawnmower Sim v201213 [40]Numeris IIRed Raid: The Sinking side A side B [70]1 JanFormula One 2020 mod v1.25 [90]27 Dec24 Hour Parsley People pt ep 1 ep 2 ep 3 [100]Mad Mix Game 30 Anos ptRun! [70]24 DecMousetrapRoger The Pangolin [70]Xmas Oid23 DecA Very Sheepy Xmas [60]Hero CultsHuida De MoriaMazmorras De TokatRatosEl Tesoro Del DragónWonderful Dizzy [100]16 DecManic Panic v1.59 DecMarsmare: Alienation [100]Red Raid: The Beginning side A side B [80]White Jaguar [80]Yoyo's Big Adventure [90]5 Dec9999 In 1 [70]Cosmic Payback [100]Enigmatik en pt es ru [70]Retrobloc [50]1 Dec1024 [80]Bullet Storm [70]The Castle Of Dr Game [80]Code-112 en es [70]18 NovHexMire Mare [80]Nevermore en pt es [70]Space Journey [60]15 NovTank Battle 2020 [70]11 NovChiquito: Pecador De La Pradera Fistro Diodenar [70]Chloe Aprende A Reciclar [50]Duckstroma [80]ZXS Spyctrum Mission [80]4 NovGremlins 2 30 Anos pt [80]Little Ninna [70]The Seance [70]1 NovDanterrifik II v1.1 [80]El Día De Los Muertos es deFormula One 2020 mod19 OctBehind Closed Doors 9 [70]Hell Yeah! [80]Mr Palo T [40]Retarded Creatures & Caverns 2 [80]14 OctCardinal Chains [50]The Witch part 1 part 2 [80]7 OctAstrocop [60]Danterrifik II [80]La Reliquia es en [90]1 OctCastles Of Oktogonia [60]Le Llamaban Trinidad 128K 48K [60]Nosy en es [80]21 SepEriniaSpikie Goes SkiingTransylvanian Castle en pt es [70]13 SepAlchemist II en it [70]Crap Dice 3Flappy Clive en es [80]Por 1000 DolaresSub Blitz10 SepFunky Monkey Kid [70]Liquid War [60]1 SepEl Mandarino en es [70]22 AugAlien Research Centre III [80]Atomicat [70]15 AugBatboy 128K 48K [70]Jetpac RX [100]12 AugF-cking Mili en es [70]H.E.R.O. Returns with intro [70]6 AugColoco [80]1 AugAnother One SokobanFederation Z en es [90]19 JulRoad Trippin' [90]The Shining en it [60]17 JulJetpack Jock easy hard [60]Patrick Paddle [70]Scout's Honour12 JulAd Lunam Plus 128K en es it6 JulParsec1 JulCorey Coolbrew update [70]20 JunCocoa And The Time Machine 128K es [90]Manic Miner With Light Modification15 JunCocoa e a Máquina do Tempo [90]Rat-A-Tat [70]12 JunCocoa And The Time Machine [90]8 JunTorreoscura parte 1 parte 21 JunBlockZ [80]Corey Coolbrew [50]25 MayThe Hoarder en es [70]MagicAble A Kind Of Magic [80]18 May8BitTris [50]Pacman The Curse Of The Slimers [60]Pi-Dentity [60]15 MayBonnie And Clyde [100]The Lost Treasures Of Tulum en es [80]Russian Railway Magnate en ru [70]Toofy's Nutty Nightmare [80]11 MayEmpareja [50]Laberinto [20]Phoskito Y La Especia Dorada [40]8 MayBinary Land [80]Drive Me Crazy [40]Teletexto The Game [60]4 MayThe Great Washing Machine King [40]Manic Miner 2020 Special EditionPac-Hack [80]1 MayLas Aventuras De Rudolphine Rur parte 1 parte 2The Elfin Wars 2Magenta Jim And The Coins Of Doom [40]Mirror Mirror [80]Pataslocas [90]Pedro Pomez 48k [80]Trashman Crisis Time en es [80]Tut-Tut 2020 ed27 AprGranher [30]NGE Non-Graphic Escape [40]La Pulguita [60]Spider Mami 128K 48K [70]23 AprBehind Closed Doors 8 The Pandemic [70]Danterrifik [80]Devil's Quest [70]From Out Of A Dark Night Sky 2nd Night [70]Funky Fungus Reloaded pt en es fr it de [80]Game And Watch Boxing Gym [40]Jumpin' Jupiter prelude [80]Mole HunterMoon Ranger [60]Puzzle Pool16 AprGodkiller 2 Exile NTE v2 intro [80]Jet Pac 2Wudang [100]13 AprCuadragon [50]Sin Instrucciones [30]ZX Connection [60]9 AprMoritz The Striker 48K [70]Shooting Time [50]ZX Master Mind [80]6 AprJungle Queen [40]Ninjakul In The Auic Temple [60]3 AprBlack & White [90]La Isla Del Tesoro [50]Vampire Vengeance [90]29 MarDungeons Of Gomilandia [90]Reverse Pong [70]26 MarColonos ZX [70]Coloristic [70]23 Mar2Cars [20]Alien v1.7The Perils Of Willy [90]Robo Stalker v1.02 [60]Submarine! [50]21 MarMoritz On The Autobahn [70]Papyrus [70]18 MarThe Legacy Of The White Crane en hu [80]UFO [60]15 MarEl Mosquetero De La Reina capitulo 1The Pit [50]12 MarGnoni 2020 [70]Monte Infierno [60]NumerisRoque Y Sus Bloques [50]9 MarSpringbot Mars Attack! [80]Trace It![60]6 MarBandito [50]Bit Factory [30]3 MarSliding Blocks [60]1 MarThe Queen's Footsteps part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [90]Sophia v1.2 en pt es fr it de sv ru [80]22 FebFiresnake [50]11 FebThe Curse Of Trasmoz [80]6 FebEsquinas [70]Galaxia 20 [60]2 FebDerinkuyu [60]20 JanAnillos De Saturno [30]War Stars [60]18 JanZX Parachute [70]8 JanDaley Thompson's Decathlon 2020

2019 ( 135 ) 10 SepRestless Andre pt en6 JulPandemia XXI8 MayA Little Fish Big Tale [30]27 AprBolalela 329 MarCell 3326 [60]9 MarEight Feet Under part 1 part 2 [90]8 JanRygar mod29 DecLafix II [60]Tetris 2019 [70]25 DecCheesy Chase Moritz And The Mildewed Moon [70]Crap Dice 2Joe Blob v2Merry Night ShiftSprouty [80]Spy School 223 DecYanga [60]Yazzie [90]21 DecAd Lunam en es it [80]Moon And The Pirates en es [70]The Order Of Sleeping Dragon [80]Valley Of Rains [100]19 DecThe Legend Of The Frog PrinceSochi Nights [20]Space Monsters Meet The Hardy [90]17 DecQuest For Elements [50]Robo Stalker [60]15 DecThe Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr Hair [80]Mantra Kill [50]Pre-Zu [70]13 DecJust A Gal [80]Little Mouse Adventure [50]11 DecHunt Buck Nuclear Defence [70]Interceptor 2020 [30]9 DecDrift! [70]Ernesto's Adventures [70]7 DecAlone In Dark Maze [60]Automated Cave Explorer [90]5 DecGodkiller: New Timeline Edition introduction [90]24 NovMini Battle Tank [50]21 NovDirty Dozer [90]14 NovParacaidista Kerl [50]11 NovSpeccy Invaders [60]Targ8 NovTut-Tut [70]4 NovNixy And The Seeds Of Doom [90]Una Bruma En Stratford1 Nov2048 [60]Rescate En Marte [60]27 OctMage Rage [50]24 OctAstro Blaster [80]Che-Man [70]16 OctAznar, The Sport Star [80]Bruce Lee RX [90]6 OctKnights & Demons 2 [70]27 SepFuture Race [60]22 SepQuest For The Sacred Flame Of Hestia [80]17 SepAquanoids Redux Ed13 SepARC 2 The Chocolate Edition [80]Creepy [50]Train Wars [60]11 SepBCD 1 The Director's EditBCD 2 The Cat's Choice EditionBCD 3 Crunchy Cockroach Edit26 AugAlien Research Centre 2 [80]21 AugTwo Days To The Race part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [80]14 AugAmbushBlock Dude [60]The Cave Of MagicDeer Creek [80]From Out Of The Snow [60]11 AugEscape From Dinosaur Island DX [80]7 AugMoon's Fandom Festival [80]4 AugAndy's EscapeEscape To Murky Woods [70]Generació Digital28 JulBulbo And The Blue Dragon [60]Dead End [70]21 JulB1n4ry! [60]Football Manager Revisited 2018-19 v11.43Glazx [60]14 JulCosmito En Imperio Cobra [70]F'n Balls [50]The Hut [60]Manic Miner The Big Bonus EditionRade Blunner 2 [80]16 JunBeing Left Is Not Right [70]Mr Do! [90]7 JunPercy Penguin In The Present Palaver [70]Robot: The Impossible Mission [60]1 JunCastlevania Spectral Interlude pt [100]Chip Rescue [50]Escape Tau Ceti!Fox!Krap Park [70]Operation: Labyrinth Fall [60]24 MaySc0tb0t [40]19 MayBirdy Cantabile [60]10 MayBooty The Remake Black Edition [90]Brain 8 [60]The House On The Other Side Of The Storm [90]5 MayComeme El Chip [80]Droid Buster [60]Lovecraft Mythos [60]ZX Larry [70]1 MayAliens Neoplasma [100]PTM [50]Redshift [90]27 AprLa Casa Al Otro Lado De La Tormenta [90]The Great Caravan CaperJSW 25-100MM 10Rade Blunner [70]The Revenge Of Moriarty [70]Trine Michelson's Hot Parts [60]5 AprHiggy 2 - The Wrath Of McMania [60]Motte And Bailey [70]21 MarAtlantis ZX [60]Behind Closed Doors 5 [60]Behind Closed Doors 6 [60]Dragonfire ZX [40]Misifu La Gatita [40]11 MarISS Emergency [70]Moritz To The Moon [70]5 MarManic Pietro [90]Ninja Gardening Simulator [70]25 FebZX Wonky One Key [20]22 FebBooty The Remake [90]Bulbo's Intrepid Adventure part 1 part 2 part 3 The Supplement [70]Return Of The Roach part 1 part 2 [80]Tiki Taca [90]11 FebSophia 2 [90]1 FebLaetitia part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 [90]25 JanMike The Guitar - The Shooter [70]Nazoler Land [40]21 JanResistance [60]11 JanGluf [90]The Malignant Gore [60]4 JanSardonic [50]

2018 ( 98 ) 18 MarImpossabubble [80]23 AprAtoms29 MarRodman [60]23 MarCheril Of The Bosque En Otro Bosque14 AugNohzdyve [50]10 MayThe Amethyst Dagger [60]Elon M With Jetpack [70]Mad Mix 2 No Castelos Dos Fantasmas [100]Mini Explorer XXXI [50]Super Master v2 [60]Viagem Ao Centro Da Terra versao estendida [100]1 MayFootball Manager Revisited 2018-19Mister Kung-Fu [80]Ninjakul 2 [80]O-Eyes [60]4 JanFillomania [60]28 DecIrmãos Feijoca [80]Octukitty [60]Supermoritz [60]Survival ZX [40]19 DecStercore [40]5 DecClicky Click'sO-Puzz Attack!! [80]25 NovBehind Closed Doors 7 [80]Depth Charge [40]Escape [40]Manic Miner High Score Challenge18 NovCosmic AntifaThe Eggsterminator [40]Rogue [40]The Vectornauts13 NovMaze Death Rally-X [100]Old Tower [80]5 NovGandalf Deluxe [100]GridlManic Mixup [80]PipesRamsbottom Smith [80]Super Serif BrosUnhallowed [100]4 NovAstronaut Labyrinth [80]2 NovPushbot [80]1 OctMax Pickles Part III: The Price Of Power [60]Night Stalker ZX [60]Pooper Scooper [60]Robots Rumble [80]12 SepAll Hallows [100]Max Pickles Part II: The Mine of Doom [60]2 SepMagick [60]Max Pickles Part I: The Haunted Castle [60]Slither Shiny 2018 [40]24 Jul4 KnightsThe Big Sleaze 2 ½ [100]Prospector [60]18 JulSpych [60]The World War Simulator Part II [80]2 JulHibernated 1 [80]Lost In Worlds [40]Neurobic Footy Cup [40]1 JunCapital Cities TesterFroGem SliderNixy The Glade Sprite [100]OPZ [60]PythonQuahappy [60]ROVR [80]Rubicon [100]Thoroughly Modern Willy [60]18 AprAeon intro 1 game 1 intro 2 game 2 intro 3 game 3 intro 4 game 4 the end [80]Tea-Leaf Ted Man version Bear version [80]20 MarKnights [60]16 MarSteel Jeeg [40]11 MarDungeon Raiders [40]Go Race! [60]2 MarEurostriker [80]Invasores Aquaticos 2Scuttle Butt [60]23 FebStepping Stones [60]22 FebRoust [80]20 FebMike The Guitar [60]16 FebApulija 13 v2 [80]Astrosmash! ZX [60]Fantasy Zone Escape From The Pyramid [80]Vindius [60]4 FebAdventures of Jane Jelly The Egg Diamond [80]Bobby Carrot [100]Extruder [60]3 FebNinja Gaiden Shadow Warriors [100]2 FebDr Who Surrender Time [40]Gandalf [100]Gimmick! [80]Parachute [80]30 JanHarbinger The Void intro side A side B side C [100]Jet Set 40-40Mighty Final Fight [100]SQIJ [60]Zxombies [40]

2017 ( 102 ) Abu Sinver Propagation [40]Adventures of Jane Jelly [80]Adventures of Jane Jelly 2 [80]Baby Monkey Alba [60]Beams of Light [60]The Big Javis Adventure [60]Biscuits in Hell [40]Blimpgeddon [80]Boxes [80]Break Space [80]Breakanoid [60]Brick RacerB-Squared [60]Cansino Pac [40]Castle Capers [40]Castle of Sorrow [60]El Chatarrero GalacticoCielo e InfiernoCircuitry [80]Cloud HopperCode Zero [80]Computer Spiele Museum's Museum Guide [60]Cross ChaseCrystal Kingdom Dizzy [100]The Dark HospitalDavey Dudds Loves Peas [40]Dead Space [60]Deep Blue [60]Doom Pit pt [80]Dredd over Eels [60]Egghead 6 [60]Em Busca Do Mortadela [80]La Estrella De La MañanaFoggys Quest [100]Football Manager Revisited 2017-18Genblast [40]Gerry Anderson UFO [40]Globus [40]Grumpy Santa [80]Gup [40]Horace and The Robots [60]Hyperkill [80]The Incredible Shrinking Professor [80]Jet Pack Bob [60]Jet Set MiniJet Set MixupJet Set Willy 2 PlusJillys Farm Volume 1 [100]Juanita and Paquito vs The Evil AliensJubbles [60]JuggleKnight Hero White [60]KnockaboutLeft Behind [60]Lost in My Spectrum v2 [60]Mag The Magician [60]El MataderoMazeract [20]Mine Sweeper [80]Monkey J Treasure of the Gold Temple [40]Monty Mole and the Lost Souls [100]Montys Honey Run [80]Moritz [40]Omelettes for Breakfast [60]Ooze [100]Pickaxe Pete [20]Pilot Attack [40]Pink Pills Manic Moritz and the MedsPixel Quest 2000 [80]Professional Toast Simulator [60]Pumpkin Poe [80]Q Box [80]Raiders Of The Lost Ark [40]Retroforce [80]Robot 1 in Planet of Death [80]Robot 1 in the Ship of Doom [60]Roboprobe [60]Saving Kong [60]Seto Taisho To Kazan [40]SnuffoSophia [80]Sorceress [60]Sorceress 2 [60]Space Escape [60]Space Junk [40]Speccy Pong [80]Squares [60]The Sword Of Ianna [100]Takeout Freakout [60]Terrapins [80]That Sinking Feeling [80]Three Octopuses [40]Topo Mix Game [80]The Treasure of Lumos [60]Twinlight [60]Vade Retro 2 [80]Vallation 128K [80]Wolfcastle McBain [40]Wunderwaffe [80]Xelda [100]Zabij Ducha [40]Zukinox [80]

2016 ( 85 ) Adventures of Winnie The PoohAir ApparentAngry Birds OppositionAttack of the RgbobotsA Yankee In IraqBaresBattle CityBillyboxBobble FrenzyBomb MunchiesCafe Turco Com Os Ex-JugoslavosCapn Rescue ReprisalCar WarsCastawayChunk ZoneCommando 2Crappy CratesCrazy Kong City Episode 1Cuboid CaptorCyber ManiaThe DarkDark CastleDeep Core RaiderDescending DungeonsDingo 2016DispatcherDonkey Kong JrDouble BubbleElf La AventuraEmpireEscape From The Holy TowerFase Bonus The GameFerret BusterFist Ro FighterFlame Princess Adventure TimeFootball Manager Revisited 2016-17Good Night KangaHarbinger Convergence Stage 1 Stage 2Heroes RescueHusband ChoresIn The Walls Of EryxInvasive SpeciesJet Set Willy Heaven and HellJet Set Willy Nightmare EditionLamegaLupo AlbertoMagical Tower AdventureManic Mower 24th Anniversary EditionMerry Christmas From HoraceMr VintikMysterious DimensionsNadralNemokayNextipedePietro BrosPopeye ZXQT48k 01 Entertainment 1 02 Entertainment 2 03 Science 1 04 Science 2 05 Sports 1 06 Sports 2 07 Mixed 1Rediscovered RealmsRetro QuestRompetechosRotten Egg MinesSam MallardSeto Taisho vs Yokai ptSewer RageSnake EscapeSolargunSouls RemasterSpecballSpecsitSpherical 2016Steel BallStela 2Thunderturds 2TourmalineVallationWaiting For The LightWake Me UpWanderers Chained In The DarkWay Of The BurgleWilly Games The First 30 Years QuizWilly's New Mansion Special EditionZnakeZombos Christmas CapersZoombloxZx Nights

2015 ( 85 ) Adventures Of Bouncing Bob Bustin GhostsAdventures Of Bouncing Bob Lurching DeadAdventures of Bouncing Bob Summer BreezeAmnesiaAnimaAquanoidsBaffo JonesBaldy ZXBathyscapheBlack StarBubble Monkey BrosBumberCanabaltCap n Rescue The EscapeCastlevania Spectral InterludeEl Cetro Del Sol parte 1 parte 2Chrimblast!Christmas Gift HuntComplica DXCosmic CommerceDead Flesh BoyDiamond DiggerEscape From The SewersExplorerFalling BlocksFlypeFootball Manager Revisited 2015-16Gertrudis El SoldadoGodkiller 2 Exile IntroGolden Axe 2015 ModThe Hobbit 2015 ModHop n FrogIce Slider ZThe Infeasible GameIshido The Way of StonesJet Set LuisJourney To Another WorldJumpcollisionKnightmare 2 ZXLavaThe Legend Of BocatapuestoLirusLittle Dragon 2MazegameMetal Man RemixedMH-17Mice Vs ScientistsOceanoOrder of MazesP-NoidPage and The Curse of The PharaohPengo QuestPentacorn QuestPerry PumpkinPets vs Aliens ProloguePixel QuestPrelude to ChaosRabbit In NightmarelandRabbit in WonderlandRabid MowerRed PlanetRenegade 3 2015 ModRescue Lander 2Return of TraxtorRonoSave The TreesShoggoth HallsSimple Silent SnakeSixteen SkirmishStake OutStars GumiStormfinchStrange KitchenSuper 48K BoxTales of GruppTarget Renegade 2015 modUroborosVade RetroWeird IslandWhen Alex Didn't Do It part 1 part 2 part 3Word BlasterXorkaYars Revenge ZXZen 2Zombo

2014 ( 68 ) Abbaye des MortsAlbert The WolfAltairAndroideArcheomaniaAtc RomeBalachors RevengeBastris 2BluberCandy Fruit AttackCapn RescueCaptain DrexxCatch A HareCharmConspiraloveCousin Horace intro pt capitulo 1 A Torre capitulo 2 O Voo capitulo 3 Sleepyville capitulo 4 A Base capitulo 5 JuntosCra'k The JamDark TricksDesert Battle Tank 3DDogmole Tuppowski: The New AdventuresDreamwalkerEscape from Colony 8First World ProblemsGame About SquaresGenehtikGlauzoneGravibotsGuerrero NinjaIsidoro en la Ciudad de la FuriaKiller BeesKyd Cadet 3Land of Mire MareLegend of TraxtorLeovigildo Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game The EndMetal Man ReloadedMicro IncMonty's Last StrikeMonty's Last Strike The Christmas JobMulti DudeMystery Part 0 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3Ninja Twins Going To ZedeaksNinjajarOutlandPacland Colour modPage's Castle QuestPrisonerPyromania 2QuadRigor MortisRobot SantaSami TroidSector InvasionSir Ababol 2 Game A Game B Game CSir Ababol DXSir FroggySpecial Inter Galactic PainterStompoSubjectSunbucketTerrahawksTerrorlandiaUn 2 AzulUna Extrana HistoriaWorlds Hardest GameX=Y=ZYahtzxZenZX 2048

2013 ( 58 ) AbydosLos Amores de BrunildaAxel K and the Lost BillsBooteeC is for Crabby!Cheril in CadaverionCronopios y FamasCSUCurse of OddvilleDealdly Labyrinth of Lord XyrxDonkey Kong ReloadedEffugitElixir VitaeEscape from AsylumFunky FungusGalaxy WarsGem ChaserGoku MalHeart Stealer 2HedgehogsHobbit Vah Kas CutEl Hombre que Susurraba a las BalasIntergalactic Space RescueJanosikJourney To The Centre Of The NoseJulifrustris In The CityJustin The Lost AbbeyKnights and Demons DxKrunelKung Fu TobaLala LahThe Lost IslandLost TreasureMega MeghanMisco Jones Raiders of the Lost Vah-KaMorphNightmare on HalloweenOssuaryPush'n'ChasePyromania Trial by FireR-SwypeR2-D2Rally FeverRamiro El VampiroSectorSgt Helmet Training DaySkurff!SoulsSpecciesSpeccies 2Spiker Basic TrainingTank BattleTea and SympathyTenebra MacabreThunderturdsToofy's Winter NutsVampe Goto VampeZx Striker

2010 ( 38 ) BinaryBob Esponja La AventuraBox ReloadedCheril of the BosqueCheril PerilsCrimboEsta en el PantanoForest Raider CherryGenesis Dawn Of A New DayGhost CastleGhost Castle 2Gloop TroopsHeart StealerHorace in the Mystic WoodsInvasion Of The Zombie MonstersKing of PongKyd CadetKyd Cadet 2 Rescue Of PobblefluLala PrologueMagic TokensMerlin La AventuraMine WorkerMoggy AdventureMole HunterNelo and QuqoOddi The VikingPhaetonSafecrackerSid SpannersSir AbabolSmiler in Arrowe LandShogunStrategoViaje al Centro de la NapiaTeodoro No Sabe VolarTrooper Point 5Vinn Vole's Existential NightmareZombie Calavera Prologue

2004 Coming soon...

2003 ( 1 ) The Abbey Of Crime

2002 Coming soon...

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1996 ( 1 ) Prince Of Persia

1992 ( 57 ) 3D Stock Cars II [52]American Pool [80]American Tag Team Wrestling [85]Ano GaiaAstroball [90]Bangers and Mash [75]Biff [77]Bignose In The USA [80]Block-DizzyCaptain Dynamo [89]Ceasefire 2 Night RunColon 1492Count Duckula 2 [28]Cue BoyDizzy VII Crystal Kingdom Dizzy [80]Doctor Who: Dalek Attack [56]Fireman Sam [70]Football GloryFun School 4 For The Under 5s [83]Fun School 4 For 5-7 Year Olds [82]Fun School 4 For 7-11 Year Olds [83]G-Loc [82]Get Me To The Church On TimeGraeme Souness Soccer Manager [52]Grand Prix Challenge [68]Grand Prix DriversHead The BallHideous [72]Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [82]International 5-A-Side [37]International Tennis [85]InvertorJames Bond OctopussyJet-StoryThe Jetsons [70]Light Cycle IIMatch Of The Day [87]Neighbours [70]Nigel Mansells World Championship [85]Paperboy 2 [83]Pixy The Microdot 2Playdays [65]Popeye 3 [70]Postman Pat 3Potsworth and Co [88]The Prayer Of The Warrior part 1 part 2Reckless Rufus [90]RikosphereRobocop 3 [88]Sleep Walker [75]Snare [78]Space Gun [82]Steg [90]Sword of the Samurai [71]Turbo The Tortoise [88]Wacky RacesWorld Cup [56]

1991 ( 106 ) 1st Division Manager [74]2 Player Soccer Squad [45]3D Grand Prix ChampionshipThe Addams Family [90]AdventurerAlien Storm [84]AutocrasBack to the Future Part III [85]Bart vs. The Space Mutants [83]Battle Command [89]Bonanza Brothers [78]Captain Planet [67]Carlos SainzThe Champ [66]Championship Run [66]Chefs Mate 2Chevy Chase [77]Cisco Heat [65]CJ's Elephant Antics [81]CJ's 2 In The USA [87]Cromwell At War 1642-1645 [70]Darkman [70]Desperado 2Devastating Blow [67]Dizzy V Spellbound DizzyDizzy VI Prince of the Yolkfolk [82]Double Dare [71]Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone [84]Downtown [62]EthnipodEuro BossEuropean Superleague [77]Exterminator [85]Extreme [85]F-16 Combat Pilot [89]F1 Tornado Simulator [62]Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun [79]Flip ItFootball Manager 3 [72]Fun School 3 For The Under 5s side A side B [84]Fun School 3 For 5-7 Year Olds side A side B [86]Fun School 3 For The Over 7sGenghis KhanThe Golden Pyramid [90]GP Formula 1 SimulatorHammer Boy part 1 part 2Hero Quest [84]Hobgoblin [64]Hudson Hawk [87]Hunt For Red October [71]Hydra [62]IdiliarInter-Change [77]International Ninja RabbitsInto The Mystic [78]Joe Blade 4Jonny Quest In Doctor Zin's Underworld [78]Kamikaze [65]Kongs Revenge part 1 part 2The Last BelieverLemmings [91]Lone Wolf - The Mirror Of Death [87]Lord of Chaos [84]The Lost DragonMercs [77]Miami Cobra GT [77]Moontorc [79]Multi-Player Soccer Manager [65]Narco Police [65]Navy Seals part 1 part 2 [86]Night Shift [92]North & South [91]Outrun Europa [83]PekingPit Fighter [61]Popeye 2 [76]Predator 2 [78]Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote [66]Rod-Land [92]Scooby-Doo & Scrappy-Doo [84]Seymour At The Movies [82]Shadow Dancer [82]Smash TV [92]Snowstrike [69]Soccer RivalsSpike In Transylvania [80]Star Control [65]Super Cup FootballSuper Monaco GP [80]Super Seymour Saves The Planet [85]Super Space Invaders [77]Switchblade [84]SWIV [88]Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op [89]Terminator 2 Judgment Day [77]Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends [32]Titanic Blinky [80]Top Cat [71]The Top Fruit MachineTotal Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx [90]Total Recall [88]Tour 91Toyota Celica GT Rally [80]World Class Rugby [88]WWF Wrestlemania [80]Zona 0

1990 ( 117 ) 007 The Spy Who Loved Me [63]3D SnookerAdidas Championship Football [86]Adidas Championship Tie-Break [76]Advanced Pinball Simulator [57]African Trail SimulatorArcade Fruit Machine [53]AresAtom Ant [72]Back to the Future II [65]Badlands [74]Blinky's Scary School [77]Bloodwych [87]Castle Master [86]Castle Master IICavemania [58]Chase HQ 2 [74]Chip's Challenge [82]Corsarios part 1 part 2Cup ManagerDan Dare III: The Escape [87]Darius [75]Dick Tracy [56]Dragons Of Flame [62]Dynasty Wars [67]E-Motion [86]E-SWAT [48]Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters [86]La Espada SagradaF-16 Fighting Falcon [52]The Famous Five On a Treasure Island [81]Fantastic American Football [73]Fighter Bomber [81]Football Champions [66]Football Manager: World Cup Edition [82]Frankenstein JnrFruit Machine Simulator 2 [69]Full Throttle 2 [58]Future Bike Simulator [75]Garfield Winters Tail [50]Gauntlet III: The Final Quest [88]Gazza's Super Soccer [51]Gazza II [84]Golden Axe [67]Grand Prix Circuit [63]Gremlins 2 [79]Guardian II: Revenge Of The Mutants [83]Ice BreakerImpossamole [75]International 3D Tennis [78]Italy 1990 [72]Jocky Wilson's Darts Compendium [77]Jungle WarriorKenny Dalglish Soccer Manager [70]Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match [52]Kick Off 2 [67]Klax [87]The Last Vampire [76]The Light Corridor [87]Line Of Fire [77]LornaLotus Esprit Turbo Challenge [86]Mad Mix 2Magic Johnson's BasketballThe Manager [59]Manchester United [77]Midnight Resistance [90]Mortadelo y Filemon 2 part 1 part 2Motorcycle 500 48KNARC [74]NaveNight Breed [68]Night Hunter [85]Ninja Spirit [67]Oriental Games [82]Pang [91]Pipe Mania [89]Plotting [86]Poli DiazPoseidon Planet 11 [46]Puzznic [85]Rainbow Islands [94]Rick Dangerous 2 [89]Robocop 2 [90]Saint Dragon [73]Scramble Spirits [66]Seahawk [80]Senda Salvaje side A side BShadow Warriors [76]Sim City [88]Simon El ExtraterrestreSimulador Profesional de TenisSito Pons 500cc Grand PrixSlightly Magic [85]Sly Spy Secret Agent [80]Snoopy [72]Soccer ChallengeSonic Boom [62]Soviet part 1 part 2Space Harrier II [76]Steel EagleStir Crazy Featuring Bobo [59]Strider II [83]Subbuteo The Computer Game [69]Super Cars [82]Super Off Road [90]Super Stock Car [62]Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles [87]Time Machine [91]Turbo Outrun [73]Turrican [87]UN Squadron [79]World Soccer [67]X-Out [81]Yogi's Great Escape [72]Zombi [85]

1989 ( 141 ) 007 Licence to Kill [76]3D Pool [79]4 Soccer Simulators 11 A Side Soccer Indoor Soccer Soccer Skills Street Soccer [69]Aaargh [44]Advanced Soccer Simulator [83]After The War part 1 part 2 [70]Altered Beast [73]Arcade Flight Simulator [68]Artura [49]Astro Marine Corps part 1 part 2 [69]AvernoBatman: The Movie [86]Beach VolleyBestial WarriorBilly The Kid [76]BMX Freestyle Simulator [63]BumpyButcher Hill [60]By Fair Means Or Foul [47]Cabal [83]Canyon Warrior [66]Capitan Trueno part 1 part 2Carrier Command [95]CasanovaChampionship Soccer [79]Chase HQ [93]Comando QuatroComando Tracer [62]Cosmic SheriffCount Duckula [72]The Cycles [62]Defender of the CrownDizzy III Fantasy World Dizzy [88]Dizzy IV Magicland Dizzy [92]Doctor Dooms Revenge [63]Double Dragon II The Revenge [75]Dragon Breed [84]Dragon Spirit [77]Drazen Petrovic BasketEmlyn Hughes International Soccer [80]Footballer of the Year 2 [70]Forgotten Worlds [83]Fun School 2 For The Under 6s side A side BFun School 2 For 6-8 Year Olds side A side B [86]Fun School 2 For The Over 8s side A side BGemini Wing [60]Ghostbusters 2 [69]Ghouls n'Ghosts [82]Gonzzalezz part 1 part 2Gregory Loses His Clock [81]Hard Drivin' [85]HATE [78]Hellfire Attack [49]Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [77]Iron Lord [80]Jaws [69]Joe Blade III [82]Kick Off [76]Kosmos [84]Last Duel [62]Livingstone Supongo 2 part 1 part 2Mach 3El MantecasMetropolisMichel Futbol MasterMichel Super SkillsMicroprose Soccer side A side B [83]Mindtrap [75]Monte Carlo Casino [84]Moonwalker level 1 level 2 level 3 [66]Moto Cross Simulator [42]Moving Target [68]Mr Heli [75]Mutan Zone part 1 part 2Myth: History In The Making [94]The New Zealand Story [89]Ninja Massacre [33]The Ninja Warriors [68]Official Father Christmas [43]Olli and Lissa III [77]Operation Gunship [82]Operation Hormuz [55]Operation Thunderbolt [86]Pac-Land [65]Panther [65]Passing Shot [75]Perico Delgado Maillot AmarilloPinball Power [57]Play For PeacePostman Pat 2 [48]Professional Soccer [81]Psycho CityPuffys Saga [60]Punch And JudyRally Cross [71]The Real Ghostbusters [68]Red Heat [75]Renegade III [80]Rescate Atlantida [63]Rick Dangerous [80]Ring Wars [67]Run The Gauntlet [78]The Running Man [76]Silkworm [84]Skate Or Die [68]Skatin' USA [81]Soccer Star [28]Spooked [84]Star Wars Return Of The Jedi [68]Starglider 2 [84]Stormlord [81]Strider [82]StrikerStunt Car Racer [88]Subway Vigilante [57]Super Dragon Slayer [68]Super LeagueSuper Scramble Simulator [78]Super Wonder Boy [84]Superbike Trans-AmTask Force [71]Terrorpods [57]Test Drive II The Duel [59]Time Scanner [88]Tintin on the Moon [74]Toi Acid GameTom and JerryToobin [69]Tusker [82]The Untouchables [92]Viaje al Centro de la TierraVictory Road [74]Vigilante [70]Vindicators [57]War In Middle Earth [78]Werewolves Of London [30]Wild Streets [51]World Soccer LeagueXybots [83]Zybex [87]

1988 ( 183 ) 007 Live And Let Die [61]19 Part 1 Boot Camp [76]1943 The Battle Of Midway [57]3D Starfighter [45]3D Stock Car Championship [71]4x4 Off Road Racing [61]The A-Team part 1 part 2La Abadia Del CrimenAbracadabra part 1 part 2Action Force II [89]Afterburner [80]Airborne Ranger [68]Alien Syndrome [83]Andy Capp [72]Arkanoid II [81]Aspar GP Master [43]ATF [87]Ballbreaker II [62]Barbarian II: The Dungeon Of Drax [72]The Bard's Tale [82]Batman: The Caped Crusader part 1 part 2 [89]Bedlam [78]Beyond The Ice Palace [70]Bionic Commando [83]Black Lamp [70]Blind PanicBuggy Boy [66]Cabal [83]Cage Match [25]Capitan SevillaCaptain Blood [73]Cerius [74]Championship Sprint [63]Chicago's 30 [63]Chubby Gristle [43]Circus Games [41]Coliseum [67]Crazy Cars [61]Crazy Cars 2 [72]Crosswize [77]CrusaderCybernoid [90]Cybernoid II: The Revenge [86]Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge [73]Dan Dare II [78]Dan Dare 2 SU EditionDark Fusion [74]Dark Side [92]Demons DreamDenizen [56]Dizzy II Treasure Island Dizzy [76]Double Dragon [59]Dragon Ninja [66]Earthlight [81]Eliminator [72]European 5-a-side [59]Exploding Fist + [59]Firefly [93]The Flintstones [67]Football Manager 2 [83]Foxx Fights Back [80]Free ClimbingFront-Line [63]FrontiersThe Fury [57]Garfield [87]Gary Lineker's Super Skills [55]Gauntlet II [82]GI Hero [53]Grand Prix Tennis [44]La Guerra De Las Vajillas part 1 part 2Gutz [67]Heroes Of The Lance [66]Hoppin' Mad [69]Human Killing Machine [70]HumphreyThe Hunt For Red October [75]Ikari Warriors [75]Impact [63]Impossible Mission II [78]Inside Outing [91]Jet Bike Simulator standard expert [69]Joe Blade 2 [73]Karnov [83]Laser Squad [89]Last Ninja 2 [86]League Challenge [39]Mad Mix Game [67]Madballs [72]Magnetron [81]Marauder [82]Maria's Christmas BoxMask II [78]Mask III [75]Mega-Apocalypse [66]Mega ChessMickey Mouse [84]Microball [47]Mind Fighter [79]Mortadelo y Filemon [48]Motorbike Madness [58]The Muncher [85]Navy Moves part 1 part 2 [73]Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix [70]North Star [75]OgeroxOn The Bench [48]OopsOperation Wolf [86]Overlander [79]Overlord [85]Pac-Mania [83]Paris-DakarPegasus Bridge [63]Peter Beardsleys International Football [29]PHM Pegasus [66]Pink Panther [43]Platoon [79]El Poder OscuroPower Pyramids [56]Prowler [41]Psycho Pig UXB [65]Psycho Soldier [69]Punk StarR-Type [91]Rambo III [72]Rampage [68]Ramparts [54]Rastan [81]Raw RecruitRex [87]Road Blasters [75]Robocop [88]Rock'n RollerRockford [72]Rolling Thunder [74]Samurai Warrior [79]Scumball [66]Shanghai Karate [52]Silent ShadowSkateball [77]Skate Crazy [80]Soldier of Fortune [75]Spitting Image [58]Stalingrad [74]Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back [81]Stop Ball [14]Street Fighter [63]Street Hassle [69]Street Sports Basketball [53]SubmarinerSummer Games [59]Summer Games II [75]Super Hero [67]Super Sports The Olympic Challenge [68]Super Stunt Man [68]Super Trolley [54]Supertrux [61]Tank Attack [62]Target Renegade [86]Techno Cop [69]Teladon [54]Tetris [90]ThingummyThorThunder Blade [85]Tiger Road [52]Time Flies [30]Times of Lore [87]Titanic part 1 part 2 [52]Tour de Force [55]Tracksuit Manager [81]The Train: Escape To Normandy [68]Triple ComandoTuaregTyphoon [67]Under GroundVampire's Empire [58]Vikings part 1 part 2 [71]Vindicator [70]WEC Le Mans [82]Welcome To Hollywood [80]Wells and FargoWhere Time Stood Still [88]Xenon [86]Yeti [65]

1987 ( 263 ) 007 The Living Daylights [69]720 Degrees [83]Academy [96]Action Force [58]Agent Orange [70]Airwolf II [61]Alien Evolution [78]Aliens US [66]Amaurote [94]Anarchy [79]Anfractuos [59]Arkanoid [81]The Armageddon Man [74]Athena [76]ATV Simulator [74]Auf Wiedersehen Monty [92]Ball Crazy [54]Barbarian part 1 part 2 [87]Basil The Great Mouse Detective [68]Basket Master [70]Battle Ships [70]Batty [78]Big Trouble In Little China [54]Bismarck [71]Blood Valley [38]BMX Simulator [67]Bobsleigh [90]Bomb Jack II [68]The Book Of The Dead part 1 part 2 [79]Bosconian '87 [60]Brainache [40]BraveStarr [63]Bride Of Frankenstein [62]Bubble Bobble [88]Bubbler [83]California Games [62]Call Me Psycho [49]Catch 23 [79]Chain Reaction [51]Challenge Of The Gobots [62]Chronos [65]Classic Muncher [41]Clever & Smart [48]Colony [43]Combat School [91]Convoy Raider [62]The Curse Of Sherwood [58]Dark Empire [50]Dark Sceptre [91]Dawnssley [25]Death Wish 3 [68]Deathscape [69]Deflektor [84]Dizzy [79]Doc The Destroyer [64]Dogfight 2187 [69]Don Quijote part 1 part 2The Double [49]Down To Earth [62]Dragon's Lair II [68]Draughts Genius [67]Driller [88]Druid II: Enlightenment [83]DuetDynatron Mission [61]Elevator Action [77]Emilio Butragueno FutbolEnduro Racer [90]Exolon [93]Express Raider [59]F-15 Strike Eagle [68]The Fast And The Furious [65]Feud [84]The Fifth Quadrant [42]The Final Matrix [78]FireTrap [58]Flying Shark [89]Football Director 2Forgotten City side A side B [84]Freddy Hardest part 1 part 2 [81]Fruit Machine Simulator [50]Game Over part 1 part 2 [62]GeeBee Air Rally [60]Ghost Hunters [76]Glider Rider [81]The Gods Of War [86]GoodyGothik [69]Grange Hill [70]Greyfell [82]Gunrunner [69]Gunship [83]Hacker 2 [77]Hades Nebula [66]Head Over Heels [91]Heist 2012 [51]High Frontier [74]Hive [84]Holiday In Sumaria [29]How To Be A Complete Bastard [65]How To Be A Hero [62]Howard The Duck [53]Hybrid [57]Hydrofool [86]Hysteria [82]I, Ball II [78]Implosion [59]Impossaball [90]Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom [70]Indoor Sports [70]Inspector Gadget [40]International Karate + [77]Into The Eagle's Nest [86]Jack The Nipper II [81]Jail Break [74]Joe Blade [81]Judge Dredd [74]Kat Trap [75]Kikstart 2 [68]Killed Until Dead [91]Kinetik [77]Knight Orc part 1 part 2 part 3 [96]Koronis Rift [80]Krakout [64]The Krypton Factor [53]The Last Mission [48]Legions Of Death [88]Leviathan [57]Livingstone I Presume [76]Mad Nurse [54]Mag Max [72]Mario Bros [73]Martianoids [73]Mask [71]Masters Of The Universe The Arcade Game [56]Masters Of The Universe The Movie [53]Match Day II [87]Mayhem [42]Mercenary [86]Metaldrone [60]Metro-Cross [75]Micronaut One [91]Milk Race [60]Mission Jupiter [45]El Misterio del Nilo [75]The Mystery Of Arkham Manor side a side b [90]Moley ChristmasMotos [81]Mountie Mick's Death Ride [49]Mr Weems And The She Vampires [65]Nebulus [91]Nemesis [79]Nemesis The Warlock [84]Nether Earth [82]Ninja [50]Ninja Hamster [74]Nuclear Countdown [77]Ocean Conqueror [65]Octagon Squad [67]Octan [65]Oink [65]Oriental Hero [43]Out Cast [54]Outrun [70]Parabola [58]The Pawn v2.3 [93]Phantis side a side b [61]Phantom Club [70]Pneumatic Hammers [23]O Planeta TerraPredator [76]President [50]Prohibition [70]Pulsator [75]Quartet [52]Ranarama [90]Rapid Fire [49]Rasterscan [78]Rebel [77]Red LED [74]The Red Lion [86]Red Scorpion [64]Renegade [84]Rentakill Rita [71]Rescue [70]Ricochet [33]Riding The Rapids [52]Rigel's Revenge part 1 part 2 [66]Road RaceRoad Runner [73]Road Wars [77]The Roads Of Plexar [81]Rollaround [64]Ronnie Goes To Hollywood [85]Rubicon [40]Saboteur II [75]Salamander [72]Samurai Trilogy [56]Saracen [13]Satcom [63]Sceptre Of Bagdad [78]Scrabble Deluxe [62]The Sentinel [92]Shadow Skimmer [79]Shadows Of Mordor [78]Short Circuit part 1 part 2 [79]Sidewalk [76]The Sidney Affair [82]Sigma 7 [70]Sky Runner [68]Slaine [69]Slap Fight [72]Slingshot [27]Solomon's Key [82]Speed King 2 [56]SpiritsSpy Vs Spy II The Island Caper [46]Star Raiders II [71]Star Wars [74]Star Wreck [54]Starfox [60]Starring Charlie Chaplin [54]Stifflip & Co part 1 part 2 [85]Stormbringer [87]Streaker [53]Strike Force SAS [50]Super Cycle [53]Super Hang-On beginner junior senior expert [86]Super Robin Hood [51]Super Sprint [67]Survivor [60]Tai-Pan [85]Tempest [75]Terramex [89]Terror Of The Deep [68]They Call Me Trooper [62]Thing Bounces Back [85]Throne Of Fire [72]Through The Trap Door [77]Thundercats [86]Thunderceptor [75]Tomb Of Syrinx [49]Transmuter [69]Trantor [72]Triaxos [61]Tubaruba [31]Uchi Mata [67]Ultima Ratio [51]Ultimate Combat Mission [72]Vulcan [89]Wizball [88]Wonderboy [66]World Games [87]Wulfan The Barbarian [62]Xanthius [65]Xecutor [88]Xevious [67]XOR [70]Yes Prime Minister [77]Yogi Bear [65]Z [57]Zulu War Ulundi part 1 Umlalazi part 2 [64]Zynaps [90]

1986 ( 223 ) 2 Player Super League10th Frame [59]180! [86]1942 [81]A Ticket To Ride [50]ACE [85]Action Reflex [81]Agent X [78]Alien Highway [95]Aliens [91]Army Moves part 1 part 2 [69]Asterix And The Magic Cauldron [64]Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes [76]Avenger [89]Ballblazer [84]Batman [87]Battle Of The Planets [77]Bazooka Bill [54]Biggles timewarp the secret weapon [70]Bobby Bearing [94]Bomb Jack [87]Bombscare [76]Boulder Dash IIIBounder [80]Breakthru [49]Camelot Warriors [64]Captain Kelly [56]Cauldron II [92]Cliff Hanger [63]Cobra [75]Cobra's ArcColossus 4 Chess [75]The Colour Of Magic [89]The Comet Game [56]Contact Sam Cruise [81]Cop-Out [65]CORE [77]Corrida De CaracóisCountdown [57]Crystal Castles [74]Cyrox [42]Cyrus II [70]Dan Dare [94]Dandy [89]Deactivators [92]Deep Strike [53]Donkey Kong [55]Dracula the first night part 1 the arrival part 2 the hunt part 3 [87]Dragon's Lair [54]Druid [85]DustinDynamite Dan II [94]The Eidolon [81]Elecciones GeneralesEquinox [87]European Trophy 2Explorer [46]Fairlight II [90]Falklands 82 [64]Fat Worm Blows A Sparky [82]Firelord [87]Fist II The Legend Continues combat practice [74]Football Director [53]Football FeverFootballer Of The Year [53]Forbidden Planet [85] Frank The Flea [57]Friday The 13th [34]Frost Byte [78]Future Knight [79]Gallipoli [56]Galivan - Cosmo Police [63]Gauntlet [89]Ghosts'n Goblins [85]Gladiator [82]The Goonies [70]Graham Gooch's Test Cricket [48]The Great Escape [93]Green Beret [87]The Happiest Days Of Your Life [61]Hardball [80]Heartland [94]Heavy On The Magick [89]HERO pt v3 [90]Highlander [49]Hijack [84]Hocus Focus [57]The Ice Temple [65]ID [60]The Incredible Shrinking Fireman [69]Infiltrator [75]International Manager [78]International Match Day [80]Jack The Nipper [87]Johnny Reb 2 [79]Kane [41]Kayleth [84]Kirel [89]Knight Rider [53]Knight Tyme [91]Konami's Golf [76]Konami's Tennis [67]Kung-Fu Master [52]Leader Board [88]Legend Of Kage [53]Legend Of The Amazon Women [77]Light Force [84]Little Computer People [82]Lord Of The Rings intro part 1 part 2 [93]Mad In CashcaisMailstrom [66]Mantronix [72]Master Of Magic [82]Mermaid Madness [49]Miami Vice [54]Mission Ninety OneMission Omega [58]Molecule Man [81]Moonlight Madness [58]Movie [86]Napoleon At War Eylau [87]NEXOR [77]Nightmare Rally [83]Ninja Master [38]N.O.M.A.D. [82] Nonamed [56]Nosferatu The Vampyre [94]Nuclear BowlsOlli And Lissa [83]Paperboy [84]Pentagram [74]Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona [41]Phantomas [49]Phantomas 2 [51]Ping Pong [77]PippoThe Planets [79]The Price Of Magik [85]Psi Chess [90]Pub Games [82]Pyracurse [80]Quazatron [93]Rasputin [82]Rebel Planet [78]Rebelstar [91]Redhawk part 1 part 2 [84]Redhawk 2 Kwah! [73]Rescue On Fractalus [63]Return To Oz [67]Revolution [94]Rogue Trooper [70]Room Ten [77]Runestone [89]The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad [88]Sai Combat [83]Samantha Fox Strip PokerSamurai [80]Scalextric [67]Scooby-Doo [88]O Segredo Dos TemplariosShao-Lin's Road [74]Show Jumping [70]Silent Service [86]Sir Fred [85]Sky Ranger [56]SOS Naufrágio instruções [80]Space Harrier [77]Spindizzy [94]Split Personalities [83]Splitting Images [88]Sport Of Kings [47]Stainless Steel [68]Starglider [97]Starstrike II [92]Street Hawk [62]Strike Force Cobra [91]Strike Force Harrier [77]Super Soccer [72]Survivors [63]Sweevo's World [86]Swords Of Bane [74]Tantalus [72]Tarzan [71]Terra Cognita [75]Terra Cresta [70]The Terrors Of Trantoss [88]Thanatos [79]Theatre Europe [89]They Stole A Million [85]Three Weeks In Paradise [96]Thrust [85]Time Trax [51]Toad Runner [70]Top Gun [71]Trailblazer [95]Transformers [67]The Trap Door [93]Tremor [50]Las Tres Luces De Glaurung [58]TT Racer [83]Tujad [70]Turbo Esprit [87]Twice Shy [73]Twister The Mother Of Charlotte [85]Universal Hero [78]Uridium [90]V The Game [78]Video Olympics [55]Video Poker [52]WAR part 1 part 2 [79]War GameThe Way of the Tiger [93]Who Dares Wins II [54]Winter Games day 1 day 2 [86]Winter Wonderland [80]World Cup Carnival [25]Xarq [75]Xeno [89]Yie Ar Kung-Fu II [48]The Young Ones [58]Zorro [64]Zub [83]Zythum [60]

1985 ( 157 ) 007 A View To A Kill [78]911 TS [39]2112 AD [84]Abu Simbel Profanation [73]Aladdin's Cave [55]Ali-BebeAlien 8 [83]The Arc of Yesod [86]Arnhem [90]Astroclone [89]Back To Skool [94]Back to the Future [41]Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing [79]Beach Head 2 [74]Benny Hill [66]Blade Runner [63]Bored Of The Rings v2 part 1 part 2 [85]Bounces [66]Bounty Bob Strikes Back [78]Brainstorm [68]Brian Bloodaxe [72]Buck Rogers [48]Cauldron [85]Caves Of Doom [69]Chaos [77]Chimera [84]Chuckie Egg 2 [67]Cluedo [71]Commando [85]Cosmic Wartoad [77]Costa Capers [55]The CountCritical Mass [85]Cyberun [78]Cyclone [84]Daley Thompson's Supertest day 1 day 2 [80]The Dam Busters [58]Death Wake [63]Desert Rats [95]The Devil's Crown [67]Dogsbody [53]DominóDragontorc [79]Dukes Of Hazzard [53]Dun Darach [95]Dynamite Dan [84]Elite [96]The Empire Fights BackEndurance [83]Enigma Force [89]Everyone's A Wally [80]Fairlight [93]Falcon Patrol 2 [45]The Fall Guy [58]Fighting Warrior [59]Finders Keepers [74]Flintstones Yabba Dabba Doo! [70]Formula One [90]The Fourth Protocol part 1 part 2 part 3 [90]Frank Bruno's Boxing [77]Frankie Goes To Hollywood [97]Gerry The Germ [48]Grand National [73]The Great Fire Of London [66]Gremlins The Adventure [75]Gunfright [86]Gyroscope [91]Herbert's Dummy Run [84]Highway Encounter [85]Historia Universal ptHyper Sports [78]I Of The Mask [84]Ian Botham's Test MatchICUPS [65]Impossible Mission [83]International Karate part 1 part 2 [69]Jason's GemJet Set Willy 2 [66]Jonah Barrington's Squash [70]Journey's End [60]Juggernaut [64]Kong Strikes Back [69]Krypton RaiderLocomotion [70]Macadam Bumper [81]Magic CarpetMaratonaMarsport [91]Match Day [70]Mikie [80]Minder [78]Mindshadow part 1 part 2 [67]Monopoly [64]Monty Is Innocent [660]Monty On The Run [82]Moon Cresta [62]Musculos pt instrucoesNodes of Yesod [82]Nightshade [72]Nonterraqueous [56]Ole,Toro [44]One Man And His Droid [72]Overlords [90]Panzadrome [76]Paradise CaféPhineas Frogg [80]Popeye [85]Project Future [90]Raid Over Moscow [92]Rallye De PortugalRambo [76]Riddler's Den [89]Robin Of The Wood [88]Robot Messiah [74]Rocco [63]Rock'n Wrestle [69]Rocky Horror Show [64]Roland's Rat Race [73]Roller Coaster [80]Rupert And The Toymaker's Party [65]Saboteur! [88]Schizofrenia [40]SgrizamShadowfire [92]Skyfox [84]Snodgits [69]Southern Belle [81]Spellbound [89]Spitfire '40 [80]Spy Hunter [74]Spy vs Spy [83]Starion [91]Starquake [92]Strip JackSurf Champ [78]Swords And Sorcery [77]Tapper [87]Tau Ceti [91]That's The Spirit [81]Their Finest Hour [92]Think! [86]Tomahawk [87]TommyVectron [66]The Vera Cruz Affair part 1 part 2 [88]The Way Of The Exploding Fist [85]West Bank [75]Winter Sports [58]Wizard's Lair [72]World Series Basketball [81]The Worm in Paradise [93]Wriggler [67]Xcel [71]Yie Ar Kung-Fu [83]Zaxxon [58]Zoids The Battle Begins [74]Zoot [72]

1984 ( 128 ) 3D Bat Attack [44]3D Starstrike [69]3D Tank Duel [61]Adastra [80]Africa Gardens [92]Airwolf [47]Alien [65]All or Nothing [55]Antics [80]Astor Slot Machine ptAstronut [80]Automania [74]Avalon [84]Babaliba [48]Battle Zone [67]Battlecars [56]Beach-Head [68]Billy BongThe Biz [83]Black Hawk [78]Blue Max [69]Blue Thunder [70]Booty [79]The Boss [10]Boulder Dash [82]Bruce Lee [76]Brum Brum ptCavelon [85]Chuckie Egg [80]Codename Mat [91]Codename Mat II [67]Colditz [80]Combat Lynx [77]Conquest [48]D-Day [83]Daley Thompson's Decathlon day 1 day 2 [71]Dark Star [79]Doomdark's Revenge [89]Enduro [49]Eric and The Floaters [60]Eskimo Eddie [48]The Fall Of Rome [58]Fantastic Voyage [83]Férias Em PortugalFlyer Fox [66] Frank N Stein [75]Froot Loop [50]Full Throttle [72]Ghostbusters [62]Giant's Revenge [47]Gift From The Gods [71]Glider [40]Glug Glug [69]Hampstead [78]Harry Goes Home [46]The Hulk [75]Hunchback II [62]Jack And The Beanstalk [63]Jet Set Willy [96]John Caig Sailboat RacingJolly Roger Knight Lore [91]Kokotoni Wilf [79]Kosmic Kanga [77]Krakatoa [78]Kung-Fu [67]Lazy Jones [39]Lode Runner [67]Lone Wolf Flight from the Dark [65]The Lords of Midnight [89]Match Point [90]Micro Olympics [49]Millionaire [75]Moon Alert [95]Moon PatrolMs PacmanMugsy [67]Mugsys Revenge [72] Mutant Monty [70]Oh Mummy [69]Olympimania [57]The Oracle's Cave [70]Orc Attack [91]Out Of The Shadows [90]Pac-Man [48]Panama JoePedro [61]Percy The Potty Pigeon [65]Peter Pan [50]Pole Position [64]PortugeoPsytron [93]Pyjamarama [87]Rally DriverRebelstar RaidersReturn to Eden [84]Revenge Of The Killer Tomatoes [61]Sabre Wulf [90]Sherlock [87]Sir Lancelot [82]Skool Daze [86]Skull [69]Special Delivery [71]Spider-Man [70]Stagecoach [66]Steve Davis Snooker [74]StriptiseSuper ChopperSurvival [70]System 15000 [73]Technician Ted [80]Tiler [58]Tir Na Nog [88]Tornado Low Level [76]Trashman [86]Travel With Trashman [64]Turmoil [76]Twin Kingdom Valley [80]Ugh! [51]Underwurlde [90]Video Pool [65] Wanted: Monty Mole [87]The War Of The Worlds [48]The Wild Bunch [60]World Cup Football [57]Worse Things Happen At Sea [84]The Wrath of Magra [65]Zombie Zombie [69]

1983 ( 68 ) 1984 [82]Alchemist [84]Android 1Android 2 [90]Ant Attack [59]Apocalypse [80]AquaplaneAtic Atac [86]Barmy BurgersBattle 1917 [63]BC's Quest for Tires [69]Bear Bovver [80]The Birds and the Bees [83]Bugaboo [74]Chequered Flag [72]Colossal AdventureCombat ZoneComputer ScrabbleCookie [100]Corrida De CavalosCyrus IS Chess [80]DamasDeathchase [77]Dictator [100]Fighter Pilot [82]Fred [73]Halls of the Things [90]Harrier Attack [26]High NoonHorace and the SpidersHunchback [68]Jetpac [60]Jumping Jack [90]Jungle TroubleLunar Jetman [93]Manic Miner [96]Maziacs [81]Night Gunner [76] Pai NatalPainterPandemonia [74]Panic [76]Penetrator [70]Pheenix [50]Pinball [69]Pogo [60]Pssst [80]The Pyramid [87]Racing ManagerRiver Rescue [51]Scuba Dive [82]Snowball [90]Splat [81]Stonkers [89]Stop The Express [85]Styx [40]Time-Gate [80]Tranz Am [80]Treinador De Futebol ptTurbo DriverValhalla [81]Wheelie [78]Wild West Hero [71]Wizard's Warriors [35]Word FinderWord PuzzleXadom [63]Zzoom [100]

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