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ZX Spectrum Games

New: 1 Dec(2021) Aerial(2021) Battlot(2021) Cavit(2021) The Last Escape(2021) Por 2000 Dólares27 Nov(2021) Elite Legend 128K mod v1.04(2021) Impetus(2021) Mazy(2021) Mega Manic Mulholland(2021) Neuras(2021) Ruptus(2020) Cálice(2012) LumASCII24 Nov(2021) Doom Pit 2021 en es pt [80](2021) Elite Legend 128K mod v1.03(2021) Hallowed Knight [90](2019) ZHL(1990) Little Puff [88](1987) Jackal [59]19 Nov(2021) Vlas PT vs The Spiders [50](2019) The Cave Of Magic: A Troll's Revenge [70](2019) From Out Of Dark Night Sky: After The Dark [80](2013) Cattivik(1992) World Of Soccer 48K(1988) Thing! [84]10 Nov(2021) Arkanoid Back To Basic 48K v1.2 [90](2021) Black Sea: Treasure Hunters [80](2021) Elite Legend 128K mod v1.02(2021) Princess Rescue [50](2021) War 2 Stars(1990) World Cup Glory6 Nov(2021) Elite Legend 128K mod(1989) Power Drift [81](1988) ACE 2088 [56](1987) Shipwreck [82](1984) Gilligan's Gold [61]1 Nov(2021) Duck Tales: Webby To The Rescue! [70](1989) Dizzy: Crash Special Edition(1988) Espionage [74](1988) Pulse Warrior [52](1986) The Boggit part 1 part 2 part 3 [93]

2021 ( 82 ) 26 OctAnteater: Arcade ZX Collection [70]19 OctThe Golden Fleece [70]12 OctBasic Frogger [50]Connect4 [60]Dungeons And Demons Deluxe6 OctLava 20211 OctArkanoid Back To Basic [90]22 SepProject Vaelius [90]Sinclair 1: The Trail Begins en es13 SepWonderful Dizzy v1.5 [100]27 AugBootskell [40]The Humans updTorreoscura en part 1 part 2 [90]19 AugThe Humans [80]15 AugWonderful Dizzy v1.4 [100]9 AugForward To The Past [70]Ninja Carnage side A side B26 JulOh Mummy Remake [80]Pillars 48K [60]Resistance 2021 [60]Tardigrade 16K [70]Wonderful Dizzy v1.3.1 [100]20 JulMahjong v1.04 128K 48K [70]Stripping Penelope [80]9 JulMowy Adventures: Beer Quest 128K 48K [40]Pillars 128K [60]Stonewalk [50]Yet Another Krappy Platformer 16K [60]Yopparai Sarariiman en es [80]1 JulSuperHair 128K 48K [80]Travel Through Time Vol.1: Northern Lights [100]23 JunAkane en es [80]The Doom Of The Pond en es [90]Heli16 JunMahjong Solitaire 128K 48K [70]7 JunInding Of Baasic 48K SC Edition [70]Manic Miner 4 NoobsManic Mulholland [60]Silk Dust part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [90]Sophia 2021 en pt es [80]Sophia II 2021 en pt es [90]1 JunA World Of One-Way 16K [80]Apulija-13 v2.01 128K 48K [80]Bolder Dash 16K [70]Dungeon 16K [70]Inding Of Baasic 48K [50]Popeye 2021 [60]Space Thunder [80]24 MayAunt Rose [40]Lost In My Spectrum v2.1 128K 48K [60]Pitman16 MayCrown Of The Mountain King v1.1 [40]10 MayKlondike Solitaire v1.01 [70]Space Invaders v1.2 [60]6 MayProject: RE.VE.LA.TION [70]25 AprJet Pack Neo normal slow [80]20 AprCosmito Ship TrainingFarila Y Los Duendes Del FrioLa Ultima Mazmorra [50]15 AprBomb Munchies v2310Escape From Freakonia [90]Escape From MONJAS v1.4 en es [80]8 AprAstro Phobos 128K 48K [70]5 AprMonsieur Le-Pâlotte [30]Novabug [40]Sorcery Island en part 1 en part 2 es parte 1 es parte 2 [90]Space Invaders v1.1 [60]Willy Does The Great Pyramid [80]1 AprMabus Mania en es [80]Metamorphosis [90]S.O.L.O. en es [80]26 MarBomb Munchies v2290Crazy Blaster [70]Down The Pipe [70]Duckstroma v1.02 48K [80]23 MarBrick Rick: Graveyard Shift [90]Danterrifik III [80]18 MarAir War: Cross Or Die [70]Misifu Remeow11 MarDizzy Extended Edition 2021 [90]Yanga Plus6 MarThe Adventure Of Bean [30]Agente Azul missões diurnas missões nocturnas [70]Anteater [60]The Dark: Lost Pages [100]Dark Transit [70]Dark Transit Kappa Strikes Back [70]Desolate [70]Lost Cavern [60]Ninja Poison part 1 part 2 [70]Organic Matter [30]Paleto Jones Y La Tumba Del Tio Ramon [70]Pretty Sheep [60]Somewhere In Hell [70]10 JanThe Dark ReduxFrantic PengoTransylvanian Castle 2 pt [80]

2020 ( 181 ) 24 MayStay Alive8 Apr(2020) Football Manager Revisited 202118 MarAll Hallows Eve 1881 [80]Dead Meat11 MarMoritz The Striker 128K [70]Mr Hair And The Fly [90]Pi-Dentity 128K [60]6 JanAdv Zombie Survival Lawnmower Sim v201213 [40]Numeris IIRed Raid: The Sinking side A side B [70]1 JanFormula One 2020 mod v1.25 [90]27 Dec24 Hour Parsley People pt ep 1 ep 2 ep 3 [100]Mad Mix Game 30 Anos ptRun! [70]24 DecMousetrapRoger The Pangolin [70]Xmas Oid23 DecA Very Sheepy Xmas [60]Hero CultsHuida De MoriaMazmorras De TokatRatosEl Tesoro Del DragónWonderful Dizzy [100]16 DecManic Panic v1.59 DecMarsmare: Alienation [100]Red Raid: The Beginning side A side B [80]White Jaguar [80]Yoyo's Big Adventure [90]5 Dec9999 In 1 [70]Cosmic Payback [100]Enigmatik en pt es ru [70]Retrobloc [50]1 Dec1024 [80]Bullet Storm [70]The Castle Of Dr Game [80]Code-112 en es [70]18 NovHexMire Mare [80]Nevermore en pt es [70]Space Journey [60]15 NovTank Battle 2020 [70]11 NovChiquito: Pecador De La Pradera Fistro Diodenar [70]Chloe Aprende A Reciclar [50]Duckstroma [80]ZXS Spyctrum Mission [80]4 NovGremlins 2 30 Anos pt [80]Little Ninna [70]The Seance [70]1 NovDanterrifik II v1.1 [80]El Día De Los Muertos es deFormula One 2020 mod19 OctBehind Closed Doors 9 [70]Hell Yeah! [80]Mr Palo T [40]Retarded Creatures & Caverns 2 [80]14 OctCardinal Chains [50]The Witch part 1 part 2 [80]7 OctAstrocop [60]Danterrifik II [80]La Reliquia es en [90]1 OctCastles Of Oktogonia [60]Le Llamaban Trinidad 128K 48K [60]Nosy en es [80]21 SepEriniaSpikie Goes SkiingTransylvanian Castle en pt es [70]13 SepAlchemist II en it [70]Crap Dice 3Flappy Clive en es [80]Por 1000 DolaresSub Blitz10 SepFunky Monkey Kid [70]Liquid War [60]1 SepEl Mandarino en es [70]22 AugAlien Research Centre III [80]Atomicat [70]15 AugBatboy 128K 48K [70]Jetpac RX [100]12 AugF-cking Mili en es [70]H.E.R.O. Returns with intro [70]6 AugColoco [80]1 AugAnother One SokobanFederation Z en es [90]19 JulRoad Trippin' [90]The Shining en it [60]17 JulJetpack Jock easy hard [60]Patrick Paddle [70]Scout's Honour12 JulAd Lunam Plus 128K en es it6 JulParsec1 JulCorey Coolbrew update [70]20 JunCocoa And The Time Machine 128K es [90]Manic Miner With Light Modification15 JunCocoa e a Máquina do Tempo [90]Rat-A-Tat [70]12 JunCocoa And The Time Machine [90]8 JunTorreoscura parte 1 parte 21 JunBlockZ [80]Corey Coolbrew [50]25 MayThe Hoarder en es [70]MagicAble A Kind Of Magic [80]18 May8BitTris [50]Pacman The Curse Of The Slimers [60]Pi-Dentity [60]15 MayBonnie And Clyde [100]The Lost Treasures Of Tulum en es [80]Russian Railway Magnate en ru [70]Toofy's Nutty Nightmare [80]11 MayEmpareja [50]Laberinto [20]Phoskito Y La Especia Dorada [40]8 MayBinary Land [80]Drive Me Crazy [40]Teletexto The Game [60]4 MayThe Great Washing Machine King [40]Manic Miner 2020 Special EditionPac-Hack [80]1 MayLas Aventuras De Rudolphine Rur parte 1 parte 2The Elfin Wars 2Magenta Jim And The Coins Of Doom [40]Mirror Mirror [80]Pataslocas [90]Pedro Pomez 48k [80]Trashman Crisis Time en es [80]Tut-Tut 2020 ed27 AprGranher [30]NGE Non-Graphic Escape [40]La Pulguita [60]Spider Mami 128K 48K [70]23 AprBehind Closed Doors 8 The Pandemic [70]Danterrifik [80]Devil's Quest [70]From Out Of A Dark Night Sky 2nd Night [70]Funky Fungus Reloaded pt en es fr it de [80]Game And Watch Boxing Gym [40]Jumpin' Jupiter prelude [80]Mole HunterMoon Ranger [60]Puzzle Pool16 AprGodkiller 2 Exile NTE v2 intro [80]Jet Pac 2Wudang [100]13 AprCuadragon [50]Sin Instrucciones [30]ZX Connection [60]9 AprMoritz The Striker 48K [70]Shooting Time [50]ZX Master Mind [80]6 AprJungle Queen [40]Ninjakul In The Auic Temple [60]3 AprBlack & White [90]La Isla Del Tesoro [50]Vampire Vengeance [90]29 MarDungeons Of Gomilandia [90]Reverse Pong [70]26 MarColonos ZX [70]Coloristic [70]23 Mar2Cars [20]Alien v1.7The Perils Of Willy [90]Robo Stalker v1.02 [60]Submarine! [50]21 MarMoritz On The Autobahn [70]Papyrus [70]18 MarThe Legacy Of The White Crane en hu [80]UFO [60]15 MarEl Mosquetero De La Reina capitulo 1The Pit [50]12 MarGnoni 2020 [70]Monte Infierno [60]NumerisRoque Y Sus Bloques [50]9 MarSpringbot Mars Attack! [80]Trace It![60]6 MarBandito [50]Bit Factory [30]3 MarSliding Blocks [60]1 MarThe Queen's Footsteps part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4 [90]Sophia v1.2 en pt es fr it de sv ru [80]22 FebFiresnake [50]11 FebThe Curse Of Trasmoz [80]6 FebEsquinas [70]Galaxia 20 [60]2 FebDerinkuyu [60]20 JanAnillos De Saturno [30]War Stars [60]18 JanZX Parachute [70]8 JanDaley Thompson's Decathlon 2020

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