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New games uploaded : 19 Oct(2020) Behind Closed Doors 9(2020) Hell Yeah!(2020) Mr Palo T[40](2020) Retarded Creatures & Caverns 2(1991) Zona 0(1988) Demons Dream14 Oct(2020) Cardinal Chains(2020) The Witch part 1 part 2(1989) 3D Pool(1988) GI Hero(1988) Tiger Road7 Oct(2020) Astrocop[60](2020) Danterrifik II[80](2020) La Reliquia es en[90](1988) Madballs(1988) Psycho Soldier1 Oct(2020) Castles Of Oktogonia[60](2020) Le Llamaban Trinidad 128K 48K[60](2020) Nosy en es[80](1991) Kamikaze(1988) El Poder Oscuro(1985) Roland's Rat Race

2020 ( 122 ) 21 SepEriniaSpikie Goes SkiingTransylvanian Castle en pt es[70]13 SepAlchemist II en it[70]Crap Dice 3Flappy Clive en es[80]Por 1000 DolaresSub Blitz10 SepFunky Monkey Kid[70]Liquid War[60]1 SepEl Mandarino en es[70]22 AugAlien Research Centre III[80]Atomicat[70]15 AugBatboy 128K 48K[70]Jetpac RX[100]12 AugF-cking Mili en es[70]H.E.R.O. Returns with intro[70]6 AugColoco[80]1 AugAnother One SokobanFederation Z en es[90]19 JulRoad Trippin'[90]The Shining en it[60]17 JulJetpack Jock easy hard[60]Patrick Paddle[70]Scout's Honour12 JulAd Lunam Plus 128K en es it6 JulParsec1 JulCorey Coolbrew update[70]20 JunCocoa And The Time Machine 128K es[90]Manic Miner With Light Modification15 JunCocoa e a Máquina do Tempo[90]Rat-A-Tat[70]12 JunCocoa And The Time Machine[90]8 JunTorreoscura parte 1 parte 21 JunBlockZ[80]Corey Coolbrew[50]25 MayThe Hoarder en es[70]MagicAble A Kind Of Magic[80]18 May8BitTris[50]Pacman The Curse Of The Slimers[60]Pi-Dentity[60]15 MayBonnie And Clyde[100]The Lost Treasures Of Tulum en es[80]Russian Railway Magnate en ru[70]Toofy's Nutty Nightmare[80]11 MayEmpareja[50]Laberinto[20]Phoskito Y La Especia Dorada[40]8 MayBinary Land[80]Drive Me Crazy[40]Teletexto The Game[60]4 MayThe Great Washing Machine King[40]Manic Miner 2020 Special EditionPac-Hack[80]1 MayLas Aventuras De Rudolphine Rur parte 1 parte 2The Elfin Wars 2Magenta Jim And The Coins Of Doom[40]Mirror Mirror[80]Pataslocas[90]Pedro Pomez 48k[80]Trashman Crisis Time en es[80]Tut-Tut 2020 ed27 AprGranher[30]NGE Non-Graphic Escape[40]La Pulguita[60]Spider Mami 128K 48K[70]23 AprBehind Closed Doors 8 The Pandemic[70]Danterrifik[80]Devil's Quest[70]From Out Of A Dark Night Sky 2nd Night[70]Funky Fungus Reloaded pt en es fr it de[80]Game And Watch Boxing Gym[40]Jumpin' Jupiter prelude[80]Mole HunterMoon Ranger[60]Puzzle Pool16 AprGodkiller 2 Exile NTE v2 intro[80]Jet Pac 2Wudang[100]13 AprCuadragon[50]Sin Instrucciones[30]ZX Connection[60]9 AprMoritz The Striker 48K[70]Shooting TimeZX Master Mind[80]6 AprJungle Queen[40]Ninjakul In The Auic Temple[60]3 AprBlack & White[90]La Isla Del Tesoro[50]Vampire Vengeance[90]29 MarDungeons Of Gomilandia[90]Reverse Pong[70]26 MarColonos ZX[70]Coloristic[70]23 Mar2Cars[20]Alien v1.7The Perils Of Willy[90]Robo Stalker v1.02[60]Submarine![50]21 MarMoritz On The Autobahn[70]Papyrus[70]18 MarThe Legacy Of The White Crane en hu[80]UFO[60]15 MarEl Mosquetero De La Reina capitulo 1The Pit[50]12 MarGnoni 2020[70]Monte Infierno[60]NumerisRoque Y Sus Bloques[50]9 MarSpringbot Mars Attack![80]Trace It![60]6 MarBandito[50]Bit Factory[30]3 MarSliding Blocks[60]1 MarThe Queen's Footsteps part 1 part 2 part 3 and 4[90]Sophia v1.2 en pt es fr it de sv ru22 FebFiresnake[50]11 FebThe Curse Of Trasmoz[80]6 FebEsquinas[70]Galaxia 20[60]2 FebDerinkuyu[60]20 JanAnillos De Saturno[30]War Stars[60]18 JanZX Parachute[70]8 JanDaley Thompson's Decathlon 2020

TOP LOAD OCT2019-SEP2020 1.(2) Jetpac2.(1) Football Director3.(3) Manic Miner4.(4) Atic Atac5.(6) Daley Thompsons Decathlon 20206.(7) Commando7.(8) Chuckie Egg8.(5) Formula One9.(9) Samantha Fox Strip Poker10.(12) Target Renegade11.(10) Sabre Wulf12.(11) Football Manager Revisited 2018-19 v11.4313.(14) Bomb Jack14.(15) Football Manager15.(13) Manic Miner The Big Bonus Edition16.(16) The Hobbit17.(20) Jet Set Willy18.(19) 3D Tanx19.(17) Knight Lore20.(21) Horace Goes Skiing21.(23) Bruce Lee RX22.(22) Battle Of Britain23.(24) Space Raiders24.(18) Footballer Of The Year25.(25) Daley Thompsons Decathlon day 126.(26) Invaders27.(-) Manic Miner With Light Modification28.(27) Multi-Player Soccer Manager29.(29) Lunar Jetman30.(-) Manic Miner 2020 Special Edition

TOP DOWNLOAD OCT2019-SEP2020 1.(1) Jetpac2.(2) Football Director3.(3) Manic Miner4.(5) Atic Atac5.(6) Bruce Lee RX6.(4) Booty The Remake Black Edition7.(-) Jetpac RX8.(7) Dungeons Of Gomilandia9.(16) Target Renegade10.(9) Chuckie Egg11.(10) Nixy And The Seeds Of Doom12.(14) Daley Thompsons Decathlon 202013.(8) The Double14.(11) The Legend Of The Frog Prince15.(19) Sabre Wulf16.(15) Automated Cave Explorer17.(12) Aliens Neoplasma18.(20) The Curse Of Trasmoz19.(21) Cheesy Chase Moritz And The Mildewed Moon20.(17) Percy Penguin In The Present Palaver21.(18) Football Manager Revisited 2018-19 v11.4322.(23) Rygar mod23.(24) Tetris 201924.(25) The Perils Of Willy25.(13) Manic Miner The Big Bonus Edition26.(26) Alone In Dark Maze27.(27) Speccy Invaders28.(28) Reverse Pong29.(30) The Hobbit30.(29) Dirty Dozer

2019 ( 135 ) 10 SepRestless Andre pt en6 JulPandemia XXI8 MayA Little Fish Big Tale27 AprBolalela 329 MarCell 33269 MarEight Feet Under part 1 part 28 JanRygar mod29 DecLafix IITetris 201925 DecCheesy Chase Moritz And The Mildewed MoonCrap Dice 2Joe Blob v2Merry Night ShiftSproutySpy School 223 DecYangaYazzie21 DecAd Lunam en es itMoon And The Pirates en esThe Order Of Sleeping DragonValley Of Rains19 DecThe Legend Of The Frog PrinceSochi NightsSpace Monsters Meet The Hardy17 DecQuest For ElementsRobo Stalker15 DecThe Hair-Raising Adventures Of Mr HairMantra KillPre-Zu13 DecJust A GalLittle Mouse Adventure11 DecHunt Buck Nuclear DefenceInterceptor 20209 DecDrift!Ernesto's Adventures7 DecAlone In Dark MazeAutomated Cave Explorer5 DecGodkiller: New Timeline Edition introduction24 NovMini Battle Tank21 NovDirty Dozer14 NovParacaidista Kerl11 NovSpeccy InvadersTarg8 NovTut-Tut4 NovNixy And The Seeds Of DoomUna Bruma En Stratford1 Nov2048Rescate En Marte27 OctMage Rage24 OctAstro BlasterChe-Man16 OctAznar, The Sport StarBruce Lee RX6 OctKnights & Demons 227 SepFuture Race22 SepQuest For The Sacred Flame Of Hestia17 SepAquanoids Redux Ed13 SepARC 2 The Chocolate EditionCreepyTrain Wars11 SepBCD 1 The Director's EditBCD 2 The Cat's Choice EditionBCD 3 Crunchy Cockroach Edit26 AugAlien Research Centre 221 AugTwo Days To The Race part 1 part 2 part 3 and 414 AugAmbushBlock DudeThe Cave Of MagicDeer CreekFrom Out Of The Snow11 AugEscape From Dinosaur Island DX7 AugMoon's Fandom Festival4 AugAndy's EscapeEscape To Murky WoodsGeneració Digital28 JulBulbo And The Blue DragonDead End21 JulB1n4ry!Football Manager Revisited 2018-19 v11.43Glazx14 JulCosmito En Imperio CobraF'n BallsThe HutManic Miner The Big Bonus EditionRade Blunner 216 JunBeing Left Is Not RightMr Do!7 JunPercy Penguin In The Present PalaverRobot: The Impossible Mission1 JunCastlevania Spectral Interlude PTChip RescueEscape Tau Ceti!Fox!Krap ParkOperation: Labyrinth Fall24 MaySc0tb0t19 MayBirdy Cantabile10 MayBooty The Remake Black EditionBrain 8The House On The Other Side Of The Storm5 MayComeme El ChipDroid BusterLovecraft MythosZX Larry1 MayAliens NeoplasmaPTMRedshift27 AprLa Casa Al Otro Lado De La TormentaThe Great Caravan CaperJSW 25-100MM 10Rade BlunnerThe Revenge Of MoriartyTrine Michelson's Hot Parts5 AprHiggy 2 - The Wrath Of McManiaMotte And Bailey21 MarAtlantis ZXBehind Closed Doors 5Behind Closed Doors 6Dragonfire ZXMisifu La Gatita11 MarISS EmergencyMoritz To The Moon5 MarManic PietroNinja Gardening Simulator25 FebZX Wonky One Key22 FebBooty The RemakeBulbo's Intrepid Adventure Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 The SupplementReturn Of The Roach Part 1 Part 2Tiki Taca11 FebSophia 21 FebLaetitia Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 425 JanMike The Guitar - The ShooterNazoler Land21 JanResistance11 JanGlufThe Malignant Gore4 JanSardonic

2018 ( 97 ) 23 AprAtoms 29 MarRodman23 MarCheril Of The Bosque En Otro Bosque14 AugNohzdyve10 MayThe Amethyst DaggerElon M With JetpackMad Mix 2 No Castelos Dos FantasmasMini Explorer XXXISuper Master v2Viagem Ao Centro Da Terra versao estendida1 MayFootball Manager Revisited 2018-19Mister Kung-FuNinjakul 2O-Eyes4 JanFillomania28 DecIrmãos FeijocaOctukittySupermoritzSurvival ZX19 DecStercore5 DecClicky Click'sO-Puzz Attack!!25 NovBehind Closed Doors 7Depth ChargeEscapeManic Miner High Score Challenge18 NovCosmic AntifaThe EggsterminatorRogueThe Vectornauts13 NovMaze Death Rally-XOld Tower5 NovGandalf DeluxeGridlManic MixupPipesRamsbottom SmithSuper Serif BrosUnhallowed4 NovAstronaut Labyrinth2 NovPushbot1 OctMax Pickles Part III: The Price Of PowerNight Stalker ZXPooper ScooperRobots Rumble12 SepAll HallowsMax Pickles Part II: The Mine of Doom2 SepMagickMax Pickles Part I: The Haunted CastleSlither Shiny 201824 Jul4 KnightsThe Big Sleaze 2 ½Prospector18 JulSpychThe World War Simulator Part II2 JulHibernated 1Lost In WorldsNeurobic Footy Cup1 JunCapital Cities TesterFroGem SliderNixy The Glade SpriteOPZPythonQuahappyROVRRubiconThoroughly Modern Willy18 AprAeon Intro 1 Game 1 Intro 2 Game 2 Intro 3 Game 3 Intro 4 Game 4 The EndTea-Leaf Ted Man version Bear version20 MarKnights16 MarSteel Jeeg11 MarDungeon RaidersGo Race!2 MarEurostrikerInvasores Aquaticos 2Scuttle Butt23 FebStepping Stones22 FebRoust20 FebMike The Guitar16 FebApulija 13 v2Astrosmash! ZXFantasy Zone Escape From The PyramidVindius4 FebAdventures of Jane Jelly The Egg DiamondBobby CarrotExtruder3 FebNinja Gaiden Shadow Warriors2 FebDr Who Surrender TimeGandalfGimmick!Parachute30 JanHarbinger The Void Intro Side A Side B Side CJet Set 40-40Mighty Final FightSQIJZxombies

2017 ( 101 ) Abu Sinver PropagationAdventures of Jane JellyAdventures of Jane Jelly 2Baby Monkey AlbaBeams of LightThe Big Javis AdventureBiscuits in HellBlimpgeddonBoxesBreak SpaceBreakanoidBrick RacerB-SquaredCansino PacCastle CapersCastle of SorrowEl Chatarrero GalacticoCielo e InfiernoCircuitryCloud HopperCode ZeroComputer Spiele Museum's Museum GuideCross ChaseCrystal Kingdom DizzyThe Dark HospitalDavey Dudds Loves PeasDead SpaceDeep BlueDoom Pit ptDredd over EelsEgghead 6Em Busca Do MortadelaFoggys QuestFootball Manager Revisited 2017-18GenblastGerry Anderson UFOGlobusGrumpy SantaGupHorace and The RobotsHyperkillThe Incredible Shrinking ProfessorJet Pack BobJet Set MiniJet Set MixupJet Set Willy 2 PlusJillys Farm Volume 1Juanita and Paquito vs The Evil AliensJubblesJuggleKnight Hero WhiteKnockaboutLeft BehindLost in My Spectrum v2Mag The MagicianEl MataderoMazeractMine SweeperMonkey J Treasure of the Gold TempleMonty Mole and the Lost SoulsMontys Honey RunMoritzOmelettes for BreakfastOozePickaxe PetePilot AttackPink Pills Manic Moritz and the MedsPixel Quest 2000Professional Toast SimulatorPumpkin PoeQ BoxRaiders Of The Lost ArkRetroforceRobot 1 in Planet of DeathRobot 1 in the Ship of DoomRoboprobeSaving KongSeto Taisho To KazanSnuffoSophiaSorceressSorceress 2Space EscapeSpace JunkSpeccy PongSquaresThe Sword Of IannaTakeout FreakoutTerrapinsThat Sinking FeelingThree OctopusesTopo Mix GameThe Treasure of LumosTwinlightVade Retro 2Vallation 128KWolfcastle McBainWunderwaffeXeldaZabij DuchaZukinox

2016 ( 85 ) Adventures of Winnie The PoohAir ApparentAngry Birds OppositionAttack of the RgbobotsA Yankee In IraqBaresBattle CityBillyboxBobble FrenzyBomb MunchiesCafe Turco Com Os Ex-JugoslavosCapn Rescue ReprisalCar WarsCastawayChunk ZoneCommando 2Crappy CratesCrazy Kong City Episode 1Cuboid CaptorCyber ManiaThe DarkDark CastleDeep Core RaiderDescending DungeonsDingo 2016DispatcherDonkey Kong JrDouble BubbleElf La AventuraEmpireEscape From The Holy TowerFase Bonus The GameFerret BusterFist Ro FighterFlame Princess Adventure TimeFootball Manager Revisited 2016-17Good Night KangaHarbinger Convergence Stage 1 Stage 2Heroes RescueHusband ChoresIn The Walls Of EryxInvasive SpeciesJet Set Willy Heaven and HellJet Set Willy Nightmare EditionLamegaLupo AlbertoMagical Tower AdventureManic Mower 24th Anniversary EditionMerry Christmas From HoraceMr VintikMysterious DimensionsNadralNemokayNextipedePietro BrosPopeye ZXQT48k 01 Entertainment 1 02 Entertainment 2 03 Science 1 04 Science 2 05 Sports 1 06 Sports 2 07 Mixed 1Rediscovered RealmsRetro QuestRompetechosRotten Egg MinesSam MallardSeto Taisho vs Yokai ptSewer RageSnake EscapeSolargunSouls RemasterSpecballSpecsitSpherical 2016Steel BallStela 2Thunderturds 2TourmalineVallationWaiting For The LightWake Me UpWanderers Chained In The DarkWay Of The BurgleWilly Games The First 30 Years QuizWilly's New Mansion Special EditionZnakeZombos Christmas CapersZoombloxZx Nights

2015 ( 85 ) Adventures Of Bouncing Bob Bustin GhostsAdventures Of Bouncing Bob Lurching DeadAdventures of Bouncing Bob Summer BreezeAmnesiaAnimaAquanoidsBaffo JonesBaldy ZXBathyscapheBlack StarBubble Monkey BrosBumberCanabaltCap n Rescue The EscapeCastlevania Spectral InterludeEl Cetro Del Sol parte 1 parte 2Chrimblast!Christmas Gift HuntComplica DXCosmic CommerceDead Flesh BoyDiamond DiggerEscape From The SewersExplorerFalling BlocksFlypeFootball Manager Revisited 2015-16Gertrudis El SoldadoGodkiller 2 Exile IntroGolden Axe 2015 ModThe Hobbit 2015 ModHop n FrogIce Slider ZThe Infeasible GameIshido The Way of StonesJet Set LuisJourney To Another WorldJumpcollisionKnightmare 2 ZXLavaThe Legend Of BocatapuestoLirusLittle Dragon 2MazegameMetal Man RemixedMH-17Mice Vs ScientistsOceanoOrder of MazesP-NoidPage and The Curse of The PharaohPengo QuestPentacorn QuestPerry PumpkinPets vs Aliens ProloguePixel QuestPrelude to ChaosRabbit In NightmarelandRabbit in WonderlandRabid MowerRed PlanetRenegade 3 2015 ModRescue Lander 2Return of TraxtorRonoSave The TreesShoggoth HallsSimple Silent SnakeSixteen SkirmishStake OutStars GumiStormfinchStrange KitchenSuper 48K BoxTales of GruppTarget Renegade 2015 modUroborosVade RetroWeird IslandWhen Alex Didn't Do It part 1 part 2 part 3Word BlasterXorkaYars Revenge ZXZen 2Zombo

2014 ( 57 ) Abbaye des MortsAlbert The WolfAltairArcheomaniaAtc RomeBalachors RevengeBastris 2Candy Fruit AttackForest Raider CherryCapn RescueCaptain DrexxCharmCousin Horace intro pt capitulo 1 A Torre capitulo 2 O Voo capitulo 3 Sleepyville capitulo 4 A Base capitulo 5 JuntosDark TricksDreamwalkerEscape from Colony 8First World ProblemsGame About SquaresGlauzoneGravibotsGuerrero NinjaIsidoro en la Ciudad de la FuriaKiller BeesKyd Cadet 3Land of Mire MareLegend of TraxtorLeovigildo Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game The EndMetal Man ReloadedMicro IncMonty's Last StrikeMonty's Last Strike The Christmas JobMulti DudeMystery Part 0 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3NinjajarPrisonerPyromania 2QuadRigor MortisRobot SantaSami TroidSector InvasionSir Ababol 2 Game A Game B Game CSir Ababol DXSir FroggySpecial Inter Galactic PainterStompoSubjectSunbucketTerrahawksTerrorlandiaUn 2 AzulUna Extrana HistoriaWorlds Hardest GameX=Y=ZYahtzxZenZX 2048

2013 ( 52 ) AbydosLos Amores de BrunildaAxel K and the Lost BillsC is for Crabby!Cheril in CadaverionCronopios y FamasCSUCurse of OddvilleDealdly Labyrinth of Lord XyrxDonkey Kong ReloadedEffugitElixir VitaeEscape from AsylumFunky FungusGalaxy WarsGem ChaserGoku MalHeart Stealer 2HedgehogsHobbit Vah Kas CutEl Hombre que Susurraba a las BalasIntergalactic Space RescueJanosikJustin The Lost AbbeyKnights and Demons DxKrunelKung Fu TobaThe Lost IslandLost TreasureMisco Jones Raiders of the Lost Vah-KaMorphNightmare on HalloweenOssuaryPush'n'ChasePyromania Trial by FireR-SwypeR2-D2Rally FeverRamiro El VampiroSectorSgt Helmet Training DaySkurff!SoulsSpecciesSpeccies 2Tank BattleTea and SympathyTenebra MacabreThunderturdsToofy's Winter NutsVampe Goto VampeZx Striker

2012 ( 21 ) Antiquity JonesBarbariansBouncing Bob ReduxCatacombs of BalachorCheril The GoddessDead By DawnEarthraidEndless Forms Most BeautifulFreddie Lakers Airline CapersJinj 2 Belmonte's RevengeLost In My SpectrumLost Tapes of AlbionMajikazoMore Tea, Vicar?PariboroPhantomas en el MuseoShuttlebugSpeccy BrosToofy In Fan LandVamperiWilly Meets The Beatles

2011 ( 31 ) Alter EgoBozxleBuzzsaw Foxton Locks MixByte MeCatch the CashChessboard AttackChopper DropCoracleDevils CastleDexDingoFlynns Adventure in BomblandFrank n Stein RebootedFuture LooterGimme BrightGloop Troops The Lost CrownHorace Goes To The TowerJoinMarbles of WisdomO CmanRetroinvadersSalen Tan RicosSpace DisposalStelaStreets Of DoomTrabajo BasuraUtter TripeWiwo Dido The Case Of The Broken TimemachineWiwo Dido The Case Of The Closing DoorsWiwo Dido The Case Of The Lost KeysWunderchars

2010 ( 36 ) BinaryBob Esponja La AventuraBox ReloadedCheril of the BosqueCheril PerilsCrimboEsta en el PantanoForest Raider CherryGenesis Dawn Of A New DayGhost CastleGhost Castle 2Gloop TroopsHeart StealerHorace in the Mystic WoodsKing of PongKyd CadetKyd Cadet 2 Rescue Of PobblefluLala PrologueMagic TokensMerlin La AventuraMine WorkerMoggy AdventureMole HunterNelo and QuqoOddi The VikingPhaetonSafecrackerSid SpannersSir AbabolSmiler in Arrowe LandShogunStrategoViaje al Centro de la NapiaTrooper Point 5Vinn Vole's Existential NightmareZombie Calavera Prologue

2009 ( 19 ) 123 MazeAll Prsent and CorrectBanger ManagementBatterys Not PrecludedBlack HorseLa Corona EncantadaGommy Defensor MedievalGrand Pr1xHeritageHome BrewHundir La FlotaKings ValleyKuiper PursuitKurashiku Nihongo Monsuta Shiro 3Ludo 2009Nanako Descends To HellParty WormsSnake BingoW*H*B

2008 ( 29 ) AlbatrossityAmaz1ngAsucarBlopyBolalela 2Bouncing BallsColour SudokuCubeFarmer Jack And The Hedge MonkeysFarmer Jack Treasure TroveFreecellJinjJohnny ChispasJudge Morry vs Baldo MidgetJumperMariano The Dragon in Capers in CitylandMockatetrisNonocrossPalilloPugly Ugly The Journey LongestQuebra-CabeçasRallybugRoad FusionScumball 2Shoot ReduxSokob OneSugarinoTracersZx Qubic

2007 ( 16 ) Astro 2008Big BapsBlizzards RiftBlue HellfireBoom BotChristmas CrackerCowboys 2DeathriderEgghead 5GI TechJustinKung Fu 2Off Shore RacingQizxSpace RocksStreetmania 2008

2006 ( 25 ) Aero BirdsAventura SpectrumCoco NutEgghead 4Farmer Jack Harvest HavocHarry HedgehogHarry The Magical Harry and the OrdenI WormIzzy Wizzy Versus The MutantsJet Set Willy XJib Goes ShoppingManic Miner UltimateMaru-Ja!Metal Miner Easy HardMonopolPandemia Teclado JoystickQ A SpaceSaucerSokobanEl Templo De La LlamaWatermanThe WellThe Well IIZX BomberZX Othello

2005 ( 42 ) AI Tic Tac ToeAlien 99Another Brick On The Wall 2Basic RallyBetu 2005CboxColumnsCrotabinDamaDamaxDeep ScanDestructorDominetrisFiremanGhost CastlesHalma 2005Harry The MagicalHettyHot KIts Raining BombsKlaverjasKutyaKyber TorbaLeo Contra TodosManic MuslimMineman 2MoggyOldmanOn The BurgleOtodolo 2Pamela The Zombie HunterPhibianPink BlueRebelstar Search For The Ion GunStrandedStupid SportsSudokuTeleportTurbomaniaZX ColumnsZX PokerZX Sudoku

2004 Coming soon...

2003 ( 1 ) The Abbey Of Crime

2002 Coming soon...

2001 Coming soon...

2000 Coming soon...

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1997 Coming soon...

1996 Coming soon...

1995 ( 30 ) A Dungeon RompA Fistful of NecronomiconsThe AppletonBattle City 1995Beyond El DoradoCivil Service IIDina BlasterDizzy X Part 1 Journey to RussiaDizzy X Part 2 Return to RussiaThe Dungeons of MaldreadThe Emerald ElfEnigmaFillersThe Final ChorusGodzilla The Atomar NightmareKnight LifeLoose Ends Part 1 Part 2Mega Color LinesMental Blocks Frustration 2Tank WarTeenage EmergencyTen Green BottlesTetris 1995Tetris RuThe Thirty Nine StepsTwintrisUltra ReflectWhy Is The World Round Anyway ? Part 1 Part 2The Wizard of OzZunny

1994 ( 23 ) Advanced PatienceAir LaserBlack ManBristol BomberBrutal WormsCascadeConnect 4Cyborg TerminatorDimka In UndergroundThe Elfin WarsHelikopterIron-ILetris 2Main BlowMinesMontana Jones 2ObrazkyPeloponeska ValkaQuadraxRandexSoliterTetris 4Towdie

1993 ( 22 ) ArmageddonArthurAvenBullys Sporting DartsCrazy GolfCross WarDemolitionInfernoInternational KickboxingThe Life of a Lone ElectronThe Lost Tomb of AnankaMind Cross WarPick Out 2Pizza BarShove OffSoldier OneSquambleTilesTribloxTurbulenceVigilante PatrolWorld Rugby

1992 ( 54 ) 3D Stock Cars IIAmerican PoolAmerican Tag Team WrestlingAno GaiaAstroballBangers and MashBiffBlock DizzyCaptain DynamoCeasefire 2 Night RunColon 1492Count Duckula 2Cue BoyDizzy VII Crystal Kingdom DizzyDoctor Who: Dalek AttackFireman SamFootball GloryFun School 4 For The Under 5sFun School 4 For 5-7 Year OldsFun School 4 For 7-11 Year OldsG-LocGet Me To The Church On TimeGraeme Souness Soccer ManagerGrand Prix ChallengeGrand Prix DriversHead The BallHideousIndiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisInternational 5-A-SideInvertorJames Bond OctopussyJet-StoryThe JetsonsLight Cycle IIMatch of the DayNeighboursNigel Mansells World ChampionshipNight RunPaperboy 2Pixy The Microdot 2PlaydaysPopeye 3Postman Pat 3Potsworth and CoThe Prayer Of The Warrior Part 1 Part 2Reckless RufusRikosphereRobocop 3Sleep WalkerSnareSword of the SamuraiTurbo The TortoiseWacky RacesWorld Cup

1991 ( 99 ) 1st Division Manager2 Player Soccer Squad3D Grand Prix ChampionshipThe Addams FamilyAdventurerAlien StormAutocrasBack to the Future IIIBart versus The Space MutantsBonanza BrothersCaptain PlanetCarlos SainzThe ChampChampionship RunChefs Mate 2Cisco HeatCJ's Elephant AnticsCJ's 2 In The USACromwell At War 1642-1645DarkmanDesperado 2Devastating BlowDizzy V Spellbound DizzyDizzy VI Prince of the YolkfolkDouble DareDouble Dragon 3 The Rosetta StoneDowntownEthnipodEuro BossEuropean SuperleagueExterminatorExtremeF-16 Combat PilotF1 Tornado SimulatorFiendish Freddy's Big Top O'FunFireman Sam The Hero Next DoorFlip ItFootball Manager 3Fun School 3 For The Under 5s side A side BFun School 3 For 5-7 Year Olds side A side BFun School 3 For The Over 7sGenghis KhanGP Formula 1 SimulatorHammer Boy part 1 part 2Hero QuestHobgoblinHudson HawkHunt For Red OctoberHydraIdiliarInter ChangeInternational Ninja RabbitsInto The MysticJoe Blade 4Jonny Quest In Doctor Zin's UnderworldKongs Revenge part 1 part 2The Last BelieverLemmingsLone WolfLord of ChaosThe Lost DragonMercsMoontorcMulti-Player Soccer ManagerNarco PoliceNavy Seals part 1 part 2Night ShiftNorth & SouthOutrun EuropaPekingPit FighterPopeye 2Predator 2Road Runner & Wile E. CoyoteRod LandScooby Doo & Scrappy DooShadow DancerSmash TVSnowstrikeSoccer RivalsSpike In TransylvaniaSuper Cup FootballSuper Monaco GPSuper Seymour Saves The PlanetSuper Space InvadersSwitchbladeSwivTeenage Mutant Hero Turtles The Coin-OpTerminator 2 Judgment DayThomas The Tank Engine and FriendsTitanic BlinkyTop CatThe Top Fruit MachineTotal Eclipse II The Sphinx JinxTotal RecallTour 91Toyota Celica GT RallyWorld Class RugbyWWF Wrestlemania

1990 ( 107 ) 007 The Spy Who Loved Me3D SnookerAdidas Championship Tie BreakAdvanced Pinball SimulatorAfrican Trail SimulatorArcade Fruit MachineAresAtom AntBack to the Future IIBadlandsBlinky's Scary SchoolBloodwychCastle MasterCastle Master IICavemaniaChase HQ 2Chip's ChallengeCorsarios Part 1 Part 2Cup ManagerDan Dare IIIDariusDick TracyDragons Of FlameDynasty WarsE-MotionE-SwatEscape From The Planet Of The Robot MonstersLa Espada SagradaEuropean ChampionsF-16 Fighting FalconThe Famous Five On a Treasure IslandFantastic American FootballFighter BomberFootball ChampionsFootball Manager World Cup EditionFrankenstein JnrFruit Machine Simulator 2Full Throttle 2Future Bike SimulatorGarfield Winters TailGauntlet 3 The Final QuestGazza's Super SoccerGazza 2Golden AxeGrand Prix CircuitGremlins 2Guardian 2ImpossamoleInternational 3D TennisItaly 1990Jocky Wilson's Darts CompendiumJungle WarriorKenny Dalglish Soccer ManagerKick Off 2KlaxThe Light CorridorLine Of FireLornaLotus Esprit Turbo ChallengeMad Mix 2Magic Johnson's BasketballThe ManagerManchester UnitedMidnight ResistanceMortadelo y Filemon 2 Part 1 Part 2NarcNaveNight BreedNight HunterNinja SpiritPangPipe ManiaPlottingPoli DiazPoseidon Planet 11PuzznicRainbow IslandsRick Dangerous 2Saint DragonSeahawkSenda Salvaje side A side BShadow WarriorsSim CitySimulador Profesional de TenisSito Pons 500cc Grand PrixSlightly MagicSly Spy Secret AgentSnoopySoccer ChallengeSonic BoomSoviet Part 1 Part 2Space Harrier IISteel EagleStir Crazy Featuring BoboStrider IISubbuteo The Computer Game Super CarsSuper Off RoadTeenage Mutant Hero TurtlesTurbo OutrunTurricanU.N SquadronWorld SoccerX-OutYogi's Great EscapeZombi

1989 ( 124 ) 007 Licence to Kill4 Soccer Simulators 11 A Side Soccer Indoor Soccer Soccer Skills Street SoccerAaarghAdvanced Soccer SimulatorAfter The War part 1 part 2Altered BeastArcade Flight SimulatorArturaAstro Marine Corps part 1 part 2AvernoBatman The MovieBeach VolleyBestial WarriorBumpyButcher HillCabalCanyon WarriorCapitan Trueno part 1 part 2Carrier CommandCasanovaChampionship SoccerChase HQComando QuatroComando TracerCosmic SheriffCount DuckulaDefender of the CrownDizzy III Fantasy World DizzyDizzy IV Magicland DizzyDoctor Dooms RevengeDouble Dragon 2 The RevengeDragon BreedDragon SpiritDrazen Petrovic BasketEmlyn Hughes International SoccerFootballer of the Year 2Forgotten WorldsFun School 2 For The Under 6s side A side BFun School 2 For 6-8 Year Olds side A side BFun School 2 For The Over 8s side A side BGemini WingGhostbusters 2Ghouls n'GhostsGonzzalezz Part 1 Part 2Gregory Loses His ClockHard Drivin'HATEIndiana Jones and the Last CrusadeIron LordJawsJoe Blade 3Kick OffKosmosLast DuelLivingstone Supongo 2 Part 1 Part 2Mach 3MetropolisMichel Futbol MasterMichel Super SkillsMicroprose Soccer Side A Side BMindtrapMoonwalker Level 1 Level 2 Level 3Moving TargetMr HeliMutan Zone Part 1 Part 2MythThe New Zealand StoryNinja MassacreThe Ninja WarriorsOfficial Father ChristmasOlli and Lissa IIIOperation GunshipOperation HormuzOperation ThunderboltPac LandPantherPassing ShotPerico Delgado Maillot AmarilloPinball PowerPlay For PeacePostman Pat 2Professional SoccerPsycho CityPuffys SagaPunch And JudyThe Real GhostbustersRed HeatRenegade IIIRescate AtlantidaRick DangerousRobocopRun The GauntletThe Running ManSilkwormSoccer StarSpookedStar Wars Return Of The JediStormlordStriderStrikerStunt Car RacerSubway VigilanteSuper Dragon SlayerSuper LeagueSuper Scramble SimulatorSuper Wonder BoyTask ForceTest Drive II The DuelTime ScannerTintin on the MoonToi Acid GameTom and JerryToobinTuskerThe UntouchablesViaje al Centro de la TierraVictory RoadVigilanteWar In Middle EarthWerewolves Of LondonWild StreetsWorld Soccer LeagueXybotsZybex

1988 ( 139 ) 007 Live And Let Die19 Part 1 Boot Camp1943 The Battle Of Midway3D Starfighter3D Stock Car Championship4x4 Off Road RacingLa Abadia Del CrimenAction Force IIAfterburnerAirborne RangerAndy CappArkanoid IIAspar GP MasterATFBallbreaker 2The Bard's TaleBatman The Caped Crusader Part 1 Part 2BedlamBeyond The Ice PalaceBionic CommandoBlack LampBlind PanicBuggy BoyCabalCage MatchCapitan SevillaCeriusChampionship SprintColiseumCrazy CarsCrazy Cars 2CrosswizeCrusaderCybernoidCybernoid IIDaley Thompson's Olympic ChallengeDan Dare IIDan Dare 2 SU EditionDenizenDizzy II Treasure Island DizzyDouble DragonDragon NinjaEliminatorExploding Fist +FireflyThe FlintstonesFootball Manager 2FrontiersThe FuryGarfieldGary Lineker's Super SkillsGauntlet IIHeroes Of The LanceHoppin' MadHuman Killing MachineHumphreyThe Hunt For Red OctoberIkari WarriorsImpactImpossible Mission IIInside OutingJet Bike Simulator standard expertJoe Blade 2KarnovLaser SquadLast Ninja 2League ChallengeMad Mix GameMagnetronMarauderMask IIMask IIIMega-ApocalypseMickey MouseMicroballMind FighterMortadelo y FilemonMotorbike MadnessThe MuncherNavy Moves Part 1 Part 2Nigel Mansell's Grand PrixNorth StarOn The BenchOperation WolfOverlanderPac-maniaParis DakarPegasus BridgePeter Beardsleys International FootballPHM PegasusPink PantherPlatoonProwlerPsycho Pig UXBR-TypeRambo IIIRampageRampartsRastanRock'n RollerRockfordRolling ThunderSamurai WarriorScumballShanghai KarateSkateballSkate CrazySoldier of FortuneSpitting ImageStar Wars The Empire Strikes BackStreet FighterStreet HassleStreet Sports BasketballSubmarinerSummer GamesSummer Games IISuper Sports The Olympic ChallengeSuper Stunt ManSuper TrolleySupertruxTarget RenegadeTechno CopTeladonTetrisThunder BladeTimes of LoreTitanic part 1 part 2Tour de ForceTracksuit ManagerTuaregTyphoonUnder GroundVampire's EmpireVikings Part 1 Part 2VindicatorWEC Le MansWells and FargoWhere Time Stood StillYeti

1987 ( 252 ) 007 The Living Daylights720°AcademyAction ForceAgent OrangeAirwolf IIAlien EvolutionAlien SyndromeAliens USAmauroteAnarchyAnfractuosArkanoidThe Armageddon ManAthenaAtv SimulatorAuf Wiedersehen MontyBall CrazyBarbarian part 1 part 2Basil The Great Mouse DetectiveBasket MasterBattle ShipsBattyBig Trouble In Little ChinaBismarckBlood ValleyBMX SimulatorBobsleighBomb Jack 2The Book Of The Dead part 1 part 2Bosconian '87BrainacheBravestarrBride Of FrankensteinBubble BobbleBubblerCalifornia GamesCall Me PsychoCatch 23Chain ReactionChallenge Of The GobotsChronosClassic MuncherClever & SmartColonyCombat SchoolConvoy RaiderThe Curse Of SherwoodDark EmpireDark SceptreDawnssleyDeath Wish 3DeathscapeDeflektorDizzyDoc The DestroyerDogfight 2187Don Quijote part 1 part 2The DoubleDown To EarthDragon's Lair IIDraughts GeniusDrillerDruid 2 EnlightenmentDuetElevator ActionEmilio Butragueno FutbolEnduro RacerExolonExpress RaiderF-15 Strike EagleThe Fast And The FuriousFeudThe Fifth QuadrantThe Final MatrixFiretrapFlying SharkFootball Director 2Freddy Hardest part 1 part 2Fruit Machine SimulatorGame Over part 1 part 2GauntletGeeBee Air RallyGhost HuntersGlider RiderThe Gods Of WarGoodyGothikGrange HillGunrunnerGunshipHacker 2Hades NebulaHead Over HeelsHeist 2012Hight FrontierHiveHoliday In SumariaHow To Be A Complete BastardHow To Be A HeroHoward The DuckHybridHydrofoolHysteriaI, Ball IIImplosionImpossaballIndiana Jones And The Temple Of DoomIndoor SportsInspector GadgetInternational Karate +Into The Eagle's NestJack The Nipper IIJail BreakJoe BladeJudge DreddKat TrapKikstart 2KinetikKoronis RiftKrakoutThe Krypton FactorThe Last MissionLeviathanLivingstone I PresumeMad NurseMag MaxMario BrosMartianoidsMaskMasters Of The Universe The Arcade GameMasters Of The Universe The MovieMatch Day 2MayhemMetaldroneMetro-CrossMicronaut OneMilk RaceMission JupiterEl Misterio del NiloThe Mystery Of Arkham Manor side a side bMoley ChristmasMotosMountie Mick's Death RideMr Weems And The She VampiresNebulusNemesisNemesis The WarlockNether EarthNinjaNinja HamsterNuclear CountdownOcean ConquerorOctagon SquadOinkOriental HeroOut CastOutrunParabolaPhantis side a side bPhantom ClubPneumatic HammersO Planeta TerraPredatorPresidentProhibitionPulsatorQuartetRanaramaRapid FireRasterscanRebelRed LedRed ScorpionRenegadeRentakill RitaRescueRicochetRiding The RapidsRigel's Revenge part 1 part 2Road RaceRoad RunnerRoad WarsThe Roads Of PlexarRollaroundRubiconSaboteur 2SalamanderSamurai TrilogySaracenSatcomSceptre Of BagdadThe SentinelShadow SkimmerShadows Of MordorShort Circuit part 1 part 2SidewalkThe Sidney AffairSigma 7Sky RunnerSlaineSlap FightSlingshotSolomon's KeySpeed King 2SpiritsSpy Vs Spy 2 The Island CaperStar Raiders 2Star WarsStar WreckStarfoxStarring Charlie ChaplinStifflip & Co part 1 part 2StormbringerStreakerStrike Force SASSuper CycleSuper Hang-On beginner junior senior expertSuper Robin HoodSuper SprintSurvivorTai PanTempestTerramexTerror Of The DeepThing Bounces BackThrone Of FireThrough The Trap DoorThundercatsThunderceptorTomb Of SyrinxTransmuterTrantorTriaxosTubarubaUchi MataUltima RatioUltimate Combat MissionVulcanWizballWonderboyWorld GamesWulfan The BarbarianXanthiusXecutorXeviousXORYes Prime MinisterYogi BearZZulu War Ulundi part 1 Umlalazi part 2Zynaps

1986 ( 207 ) 2 Player Super League10th Frame180!1942A Ticket To RideAceAction ReflexAgent XAlien HighwayAliensArmy Moves part 1 part 2Asterix And The Magic CauldronAttack Of The Killer TomatoesAvengerBallblazerBatmanBattle Of The PlanetsBazooka BillBiggles timewarp the secret weaponBobby BearingBomb JackBombscareBoulder Dash IIIBounderBreakthruCamelot WarriorsCaptain KellyCauldron IICliff HangerCobraCobra's ArcColossus 4 ChessThe Comet GameContact Sam CruiseCop OutCORECorrida De CaracóisCountdownCrystal CastlesCyroxCyrus 2Dan DareDandyDeactivatorsDeep StrikeDonkey KongDracula the first night part 1 the arrival part 2 the hunt part 3Dragon's LairDruidDustinThe EidolonElecciones GeneralesEquinoxEuropean Trophy 2ExplorerFairlight 2Falklands 82Fat Worm Blows A SparkyFirelordFist 2 The Legend Continues combat practiceFootball DirectorFootball FeverFootballer Of The YearFrank The FleaFriday The 13thFrost ByteFuture KnightGallipoliGalvanGhosts'n GoblinsGladiatorThe GooniesGraham Gooch's Test CricketThe Great EscapeGreen BeretThe Happiest Days Of Your LifeHardballHeartlandHeavy On The MagickHighlanderHijackHocus FocusThe Ice TempleIDThe Incredible Shrinking FiremanInfiltratorInternational ManagerJack The NipperJohnny Reb 2KaneKaylethKirelKnight RiderKnight TymeKonami's GolfKonami's TennisKung-Fu MasterLeader BoardLegend Of KageLegend Of The Amazon WomenLight ForceLittle Computer PeopleLord Of The Rings intro part 1 part 2Mad In CashcaisMailstromMantronixMaster Of MagicMermaid MadnessMiami ViceMission OmegaMolecule ManMoonlight MadnessMovieNapoleon At War EylauNexorNightmare RallyNinja MasterNonamedNosferatuNuclear BowlsOlli And LissaPaperboyPentagramPeter Shilton's Handball MaradonaPhantomasPhantomas 2Ping PongPippoThe PlanetsPsi ChessPub GamesPyracurseQuazatronRasputinRebel PlanetRebelstarRedhawk part 1 part 2Redhawk 2 Kwah!Rescue On FractalusReturn To OzRogue TrooperRoom TenSaboteurThe Sacred Armour Of AntiriadSai CombatSamantha Fox Strip PokerSamuraiScalextricScooby DooO Segredo Dos TemplariosShao Lin's RoadShow JumpingSilent ServiceSir FredSky RangerSpace HarrierSpindizzySplitting ImagesSport Of KingsStainless SteelStargliderStarstrike IIStreet HawkStrike Force CobraStrike Force HarrierSuper SoccerSurvivorsSweevo's WorldSwords Of BaneTantalusTarzanTerra CognitaTerra CrestaThe Terrors Of TrantossThanatosTheatre EuropeTime TraxToad RunnerTop GunTrailblazerTransformersThe Trap DoorTremorLas Tres Luces De GlaurungTT RacerTujadTurbo EspritTwice ShyTwister The Mother Of CharlotteUniversal HeroUridiumVVideo OlympicsVideo PokerWar part 1 part 2The Way of the TigerWho Dares Wins IIWinter Games day 1 day 2Winter WonderlandWorld Cup CarnivalXarqXenoYie Ar Kung-Fu IIThe Young OnesZorroZubZythum

1985 ( 150 ) 007 A View To A Kill911 TS2112 ADAbu Simbel ProfanationAladdin's CaveAli-BebeAlien 8Arc of YesodArnhemAstrocloneBack to SkoolBack to the FutureBarry McGuigan Championship BoxingBeach Head 2Benny HillBlade RunnerBored of the Rings v2 Part 1 Part 2BouncesBounty Bob Strikes BackBrainstormBrian BloodaxeBuck RogersCauldronCaves Of DoomChaosChimeraChuckie Egg 2CluedoCommandoCosmic WartoadCosta CapersThe CountCritical MassCyberunCycloneDaley Thompson's Supertest Day 1 Day 2The Dam BustersDeath WakeDesert RatsThe Devil's CrownDogsbodyDragontorcDukes Of HazzardDun DarachDynamite DanDynamite Dan IIEliteThe Empire Fights BackEnduranceEveryone's A WallyFairlightFalcon Patrol 2The Fall GuyFighting WarriorFinders KeepersFlintstones Yabba Dabba Doo!Formula OneThe Fourth Protocol Part 1 Part 2 Part 3Frank Bruno's BoxingFrankie Goes To HollywoodGerry The GermGrand NationalThe Great Fire Of LondonGremlins The AdventureGunfrightGyroscopeHerbert's Dummy RunHighway EncounterHistoria Universal ptHyper SportsIan Botham's Test MatchICUPSImpossible MissionInternational Karate Part 1 Part 2Jason's GemJet Set Willy 2Jonah Barrington's SquashJourneys EndJuggernautKong Strikes BackKrypton RaiderLocomotionMacadam BumperMagic CarpetMaratonaMarsportMatch DayMikieMinderMindshadow Part 1 Part 2MonopolyMonty Is InnocentMonty On The RunMoon CrestaMusculos pt instrucoesNodes of YesodNightshadeNonterraqueousOle,ToroOne Man And His DroidPanzadromeParadise CaféPhineas FroggPopeyeProject FutureRaid Over MoscowRallye De PortugalRamboRiddlers DenRobin of the WoodRobot MessiahRoccoRock'n WrestleRocky Horror ShowRoller CoasterRupert and the Toymaker's PartySchizofreniaSgrizamShadowfireSkyfoxSnodgitsSouthern BelleSpellboundSpitfire '40Spy HunterSpy vs SpyStarionStarquakeStrip JackSurf ChampSwords And SorceryTapperTau CetiThree Weeks In ParadiseThinkTomahawkTommyVectronThe Vera Cruz Affair Part 1 Part 2Way of the Exploding FistWest BankWinter SportsWizard's LairWorld Series BasketballWrigglerXcelYie Ar Kung-FuZaxxonZoids The Battle BeginsZoot

1984 ( 121 ) 3D Bat Attack3D Starstrike3D Tank DuelAdastraAirwolfAlienAll or NothingAnticsAstor Slot Machine ptAstronutAutomaniaAvalonBabalibaBattle ZoneBattlecarsBeach HeadBilly BongThe BizBlack HawkBlue MaxBlue ThunderBootyThe BossBoulder DashBruce LeeBrum Brum ptCavelonChuckie EggCodename Mat IICombat LynxConquestDaley Thompson's Decathlon Day 1 Day 2Dark StarDoomdarks RevengeEnduroEric and The FloatersEskimo EddieThe Fall Of RomeFantastic VoyageFérias Em PortugalFlyer FoxFrank N SteinFroot LoopFull ThrottleGhostbustersGiant's RevengeGift From The GodsGliderGlug GlugHarry Goes HomeThe HulkHunchback IIJack And The BeanstalkJet Set WillyJohn Caig Sailboat RacingJolly RogerKnight LoreKokotoni WilfKosmic KangaKrakatoaKung-FuLazy JonesLode RunnerLone Wolf Flight from the DarkThe Lords of MidnightMatch PointMicro OlympicsMillionaireMoon AlertMoon PatrolMs PacmanMugsyMugsys RevengeMutant MontyOh MummyOlympimaniaOrc AttackOut Of The ShadowsPac-ManPanama JoePedroPercy The Potty PigeonPeter PanPole PositionPortugeoPsytronPyjamaramaRally DriverRebelstar RaidersRevenge Of The Killer TomatoesSabre WulfSherlockSir LancelotSkool DazeSkullSpecial DeliverySpider-ManStagecoachSteve Davis SnookerStriptiseSuper ChopperSurvivalSystem 15000Technician TedTilerTir Na NogTornado Low LevelTrashmanTravel With TrashmanTurmoilTwin Kingdom ValleyUgh!UnderwurldeVideo PoolWanted Monty MoleThe War Of The WorldsThe Wild BunchWorld Cup FootballWorse Things Happen At SeaThe Wrath of MagraZombie Zombie

1983 ( 64 ) 1984AlchemistAndroid 1Android 2Ant AttackApocalypseAquaplaneAtic AtacBarmy BurgersBattle 1917BC's Quest for TiresBear BovverThe Birds and the BeesBugabooChequered FlagColossal AdventureCombat ZoneCookieCorrida De CavalosCyrus IS ChessDamasDeathchaseDictatorFighter PilotFredHalls of the ThingsHarrier AttackHigh NoonHorace and the SpidersHunchbackJetpacJumping JackJungle TroubleLunar JetmanManic MinerMaziacsPai NatalPainterPandemoniaPanicPenetratorPheenixPinballPogoPssstThe PyramidRacing ManagerRiver RescueScuba DiveSplatStonkersStop The ExpressTime GateTranz AmTreinador De Futebol ptTurbo DriverValhallaWheelieWild West HeroWizard's WarriorsWord FinderWord PuzzleXadomZzoom

1982 ( 30 ) 3D TanxAdventure 1ArcadiaBattle Of BritainBlack CrystalCentipedeThe Chess PlayerChess The TurkDallasDerby DayFootball ManagerFroggerGalaxiansGobblemanGround AttackGulpmanThe HobbitHorace Goes SkiingHungry HoraceInvadersMuncherNightfliteOrbiterThe QuestReversiSpace RaidersSpectral InvadersSpectresSpectrum Voice ChessSpookyman
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