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ZX Spectrum Games

Top SpectrumComputing.co.uk User Score, with at least 10 votes, on the 1st january 2022 : 1. Castlevania: Spectral Interlude2. Valley Of Rains3. The Way Of The Exploding Fist4. The Trap Door5. La Abadia Del Crimen6. Los Amores de Brunilda7. Renegade8. The Sword Of IANNA9. Hyper Sports10. Where Time Stood Still11. The Great Escape12. Head Over Heels13. Tai-Pan14. Fire 'n Ice15. Quazatron16. Saboteur!17. The Hobbit18. Laser Squad19. Match Day II20. Rex21. Dreamwalker: Alter Ego 222. Daley Thompson's Decathlon day 1 day 223. Bomb Jack24. Turbo Esprit25. Ping Pong26. Tetris 227. Skool Daze28. The Order Of Sleeping Dragon29. Batman: The Movie30. Cyclone31. Fairlight32. Old Tower33. Buzzsaw+ Foxton Locks Mix34. Mister Kung-Fu35. Jetpac36. Rebelstar37. Green Beret38. Mad Mix Game39. Match Day40. Back To Skool41. Myth: History In The Making42. Ikari Warriors43. Yazzie44. World Series Basketball45. Auf Wiedersehen Monty46. Redshift47. WEC Le Mans48. Chase H.Q.49. Carrier Command50. Target Renegade51. Manic Miner52. Chaos53. Jet Set Willy54. Marsmare: Alienation55. Ranarama56. Ant Attack57. Popeye58. Combat School59. Dynamite Dan II60. Commando61. Highway Encounter62. The Lords of Midnight63. Rebelstar 2 one player two players64. Formula One65. Movie66. Batman67. Cobra68. Robocop69. R-Type70. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer71. Exolon72. Dan Dare: Pilot Of The Future73. Snake Escape74. Bruce Lee75. Match Point76. Roger The Pangolin77. Knight Lore78. Everyone's A Wally79. Rick Dangerous80. Uridium81. Stunt Car Racer82. Thanatos83. Zynaps84. Sim City85. Starglider86. Elite87. Chuckie Egg88. Atic Atac89. Deathchase90. Rainbow Islands91. Wudang92. Daley Thompson's Supertest day 1 day 293. Starquake94. Gunfright95. Space Monsters Meet The Hardy96. Enduro Racer97. International Karate +98. Aliens Neoplasma99. Pyjamarama100. ATV Simulator

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