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The Classic ZX Spectrum Games 1982-1987

1987 ( 325 ) 007 The Living Daylights [69]720 Degrees [83]1999A Question Of Scruples [80]A.T.A.C.Academy [96]Action Force [58]Agent Orange [70]Airwolf II [61]Alea [80]Alien Evolution [78]Aliens US [66]Amaurote [94]Anarchy [79]Anfractuos [59]The Archers part 1 part 2 part 3 [73]Arkanoid [81]The Armageddon Man [74]Athena [76]ATV Simulator [74]Auf Wiedersehen Monty [92]Ball Crazy [54]Barbarian part 1 part 2 [87]Basil The Great Mouse Detective [68]Basket Master [70]Battle Ships [70]Battlefield Germany 1 player [79]Batty [78]Big Trouble In Little China [54]Bismarck [71]Blood Valley [38]BMX Simulator [67]Bobsleigh [90]Bomb Jack II [68]The Book Of The Dead part 1 part 2 [79]Bosconian '87 [60]Boxing Manager [86]Brainache [40]Brainstorm '87 [77]BraveStarr [63]Brian Clough's Football Fortunes [65]Bride Of Frankenstein [62]Bubble Bobble [88]Bubbler [83]Buckaroo BanzaiCalifornia Games [62]Call Me Psycho [49]The Calling Of The Demon [69]Castle Eerie [82]Catch 23 [79]Chain Reaction [51]Challenge Of The Gobots [62]Chronos [65]Classic Muncher [41]Clever & Smart [48]Colin The CleanerCollision CourseCollywobblesColony [43]Combat School [91]Convoy Raider [62]Cowboys 'n' InjunsThe Curse Of Sherwood [58]Cybex [50]Dark Empire [50]Dark Sceptre [91]Dawnssley [25]Deadringer [61]Death Wish 3 [68]Deathscape [69]Deflektor [84]Dervish [26]Deviants [79]La Diosa De CozumelDizzy [79]Doc The Destroyer [64]Doctor Destructo [53]Dogfight 2187 [69]Don Quijote part 1 part 2The Double [49]Double Take [85]Down To Earth [62]Dragon's Lair II [68]Draughts Genius [67]Driller [88]Druid II: Enlightenment [83]DuetDynatron Mission [61]El CidElevator Action [77]Emilio Butragueno FutbolEnduro Racer [90]Erik The Phantom Of The Opera [55]Evening Star [74]Excalibur: Sword Of Kings [82]Exolon [93]Express Raider [59]F-15 Strike Eagle [68]The Fast And The Furious [65]Feud [84]The Fifth Quadrant [42]The Final Matrix [78]Final WhistleFireTrap [58]Flash Gordon 128K 48K [64]Flying Shark [89]Football Director 2The Forest Of Shadows [70]Forgotten City side A side B [84]Freddy Hardest part 1 part 2 [81]Fruit Machine Simulator [50]Futebol 87Game Over part 1 part 2 [62]GangplankGeeBee Air Rally [60]Ghost Hunters [76]Ghostly GrangeGlider Rider [81]The Gods Of War [86]GoodyGothik [69]Grand Prix Simulator [66]Grange Hill [70]Greyfell [82]Gryzor [74]Guadalcanal [55]GunboatGunrunner [69]Gunship [83]GunslingerHacker 2 [77]Hades Nebula [66]Head Over Heels [91]Heist 2012 [51]High Frontier [74]Hive [84]Holiday In Sumaria [29]Homicide Hotel [84]How To Be A Complete Bastard [65]How To Be A Hero [62]Howard The Duck [53]Hybrid [57]Hydrofool [86]Hysteria [82]I, Ball II [78]Implosion [59]Impossaball [90]Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom [70]Indoor Sports [70]The Inheritance [89]Inspector Gadget [40]International Karate + [77]Into The Eagle's Nest [86]Jack The Nipper II [81]Jack The Ripper part 1 part 2 part 3 [78]Jackal [59]Jail Break [74]Joe Blade [81]Judge Dredd [74]Kat Trap [75]Kikstart 2 [68]Killed Until Dead [91]Kinetik [77]Knight Orc part 1 part 2 part 3 [96]Kobyashi Naru [78]Koronis Rift [80]Krakout [64]The Krypton Factor [53]The Labours Of Hercules [83]The Last Mission [48]Leaderboard Tournament [85]Legions Of Death [88]Leviathan [57]Livingstone I Presume [76]Mad Nurse [54]Mag Max [72]Mario Bros [73]Martianoids [73]Mask [71]Masters Of The Universe The Arcade Game [56]Masters Of The Universe The Movie [53]Masters Of The Universe: The Super Adventure [84]Match Day II [87]Mayhem [42]Mega-Corp side A side BMercenary [86]Metaldrone [60]Metro-Cross [75]Micronaut One [91]Milk Race [60]Mission Jupiter [45]El Misterio del Nilo [75]The Mystery Of Arkham Manor side a side b [90]Moley ChristmasMoon Strike [82]Motos [81]Mountie Mick's Death Ride [49]Mr Weems And The She Vampires [65]Nebulus [91]Nemesis [79]Nemesis The Warlock [84]Nether Earth [82]Ninja [50]Ninja Hamster [74]Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less [59]Nuclear Countdown [77]Ocean Conqueror [65]Octagon Squad [67]Octan [65]Oink [65]Oriental Hero [43]Out Cast [54]Outrun [70]Parabola [58]The Pawn v2.3 [93]People From SiriusPhantis side a side b [61]Phantom Club [70]Pneumatic Hammers [23]O Planeta TerraPredator [76]President [50]Prohibition [70]Psi-5 Trading Company [63]Pulsator [75]Quartet [52]Ranarama [90]Rapid Fire [49]Rasterscan [78]Rebel [77]Red LED [74]The Red Lion [86]Red Scorpion [64]Renegade [84]Rentakill Rita [71]Rescue [70]Ricochet [33]Riding The Rapids [52]Rigel's Revenge part 1 part 2 [66]Road RaceRoad Runner [73]Road Wars [77]The Roads Of Plexar [81]Rollaround [64]Ronnie Goes To Hollywood [85]Rubicon [40]Saboteur II [75]Salamander [72]Samurai Trilogy [56]Saracen [13]Satcom [63]Sceptre Of Bagdad [78]Scrabble Deluxe [62]The Sentinel [92]The Serf's Tale [90]Shadow Skimmer [79]Shadows Of Mordor [78]Shipwreck [82]Shockway Rider [84]Short Circuit part 1 part 2 [79]Sidewalk [76]The Sidney Affair [82]Sigma 7 [70]Sky Runner [68]Slaine [69]Slap Fight [72]Slingshot [27]Solar Fire [100]Solomon's Key [82]Sorcerer Lord [86]Spaced Out [63]Speed King 2 [56]SpiritsSpy Vs Spy II The Island Caper [46]Star Raiders II [71]Star Wars [74]Star Wreck [54]Starfox [60]Starring Charlie Chaplin [54]Stifflip & Co part 1 part 2 [85]Stormbringer [87]Streaker [53]Strike Force SAS [50]Super Cycle [53]Super Hang-On beginner junior senior expert [86]Super Robin Hood [51]Super Sprint [67]Survivor [60]Tai-Pan [85]TarantulaTempest [75]Terramex [89]Terror Of The Deep [68]They Call Me Trooper [62]Thing Bounces Back [85]Throne Of Fire [72]Through The Trap Door [77]Thundercats [86]Thunderceptor [75]Tomb Of Syrinx [49]Transmuter [69]Trantor [72]Trap [67]Triaxos [61]Trivial Pursuit: Young Players Edition [85]Tubaruba [31]Uchi Mata [67]Ultima Ratio [51]Ultimate Combat Mission [72]Vulcan [89]Wiz [63]Wizball [88]Wonderboy [66]World Class Leaderboard [90]World Games [87]Wulfan The Barbarian [62]Xanthius [65]Xecutor [88]Xevious [67]XOR [70]Yes Prime Minister [77]Yogi Bear [65]Z [57]Zulu War Ulundi part 1 Umlalazi part 2 [64]Zynaps [90]

1986 ( 251 ) 2 Player Super League10th Frame [59]180! [86]1942 [81]A Ticket To Ride [50]ACE [85]Acrojet [71]Action Reflex [81]Agent X [78]Alien Highway [95]Aliens [91]Army Moves part 1 part 2 [69]Asterix And The Magic Cauldron [64]Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes [76]Austerlitz [74]Avenger [89]Ballblazer [84]Batman [87]Battle Of The Planets [77]Bazooka Bill [54]Biggles timewarp the secret weapon [70]Bobby Bearing [94]The Boggit part 1 part 2 part 3 [93]Bomb Jack [87]Bombscare [76]Boulder Dash IIIBounder [80]Breakthru [49]Camelot Warriors [64]Captain Kelly [56]Cauldron II [92]Cliff Hanger [63]Cobra [75]Cobra's ArcColossus 4 Chess [75]The Colour Of Magic [89]The Comet Game [56]Contact Sam Cruise [81]Cop-Out [65]CORE [77]Corrida De CaracóisCountdown [57]Crystal Castles [74]Cyrox [42]Cyrus II [70]Dan Dare [94]Dandy [89]Deactivators [92]Deep Strike [53]Doctor What! [39]Donkey Kong [55]Dracula the first night part 1 the arrival part 2 the hunt part 3 [87]Dracula's Castle parte 1 parte 2 parte 3 parte 4Dragon's Lair [54]Druid [85]DustinDynamite Dan II [94]The Eidolon [81]Elecciones GeneralesEquinox [87]European Trophy 2Explorer [46]FA Cup Football [51]Fairlight II [90]Falklands 82 [64]Fat Worm Blows A Sparky [82]Firelord [87]Fist II The Legend Continues combat practice [74]Football Director [53]Football FeverFootballer Of The Year [53]Forbidden Planet [85]Frank The Flea [57]Friday The 13th [34]Frost Byte [78]Futebol 86 [70]Future Knight [79]Gallipoli [56]Galivan - Cosmo Police [63]Gauntlet [89]Ghosts'n Goblins [85]Gladiator [82]The Goonies [70]Graham Gooch's Test Cricket [48]The Great Escape [93]Green Beret [87]Halls Of The Things RemixThe Happiest Days Of Your Life [61]Hardball [80]Headcoach [64]Heartland [94]Heavy On The Magick [89]HERO pt v3 [90]Highlander [49]Hijack [84]Hocus Focus [57]The Ice Temple [65]ID [60]The Incredible Shrinking Fireman [69]Infiltrator [75]International Manager [78]International Match Day [80]Jack The Nipper [87]Johnny Reb 2 [79]Kane [41]Kayleth [84]Kirel [89]Knight Rider [53]Knight Tyme [91]Konami's Golf [76]Konami's Tennis [67]Kung-Fu Master [52]Lap Of The Gods [73]Leader Board [88]Legend Of Kage [53]Legend Of The Amazon Women [77]Light Force [84]Little Computer People [82]Lobo Solitário [70]Loco [52]Lord Of The Rings intro part 1 part 2 [93]Mad In Cashcais [80]Mailstrom [66]Mandragore [50]Mantronix [72]Marble Madness [84]Master Of Magic [82]Matt Lucas [92]Mermaid Madness [49]Miami Vice [54]Mission Ninety OneMission Omega [58]Molecule Man [81]Moonlight Madness [58]Movie [86]Napoleon At War Eylau [87]NEXOR [77]Nightmare Rally [83]Ninja Master [38]N.O.M.A.D. [82] Nonamed [56]Nosferatu The Vampyre [94]Nuclear BowlsOlli And Lissa [83]Orbix The Terrorball [68]Pac HicPaperboy [84]Pentagram [74]Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona [41]Phantomas [49]Phantomas 2 [51]Ping Pong [77]PippoThe Planets [79]The Price Of Magik [85]Psi Chess [90]Pub Games [82]Pyracurse [80]Quazatron [93]Quest For The CrownQuest For The Mindstone [83]Ramon RodriguezRasputin [82]Rebel Planet [78]Rebelstar [91]Redhawk part 1 part 2 [84]Redhawk 2 Kwah! [73]Rescue On Fractalus [63]Return To Oz [67]Revolution [94]Rogue Trooper [70]Room Ten [77]Runestone [89]The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad [88]Sai Combat [83]Samantha Fox Strip PokerSamurai [80]Scalextric [67]Scooby-Doo [88]O Segredo Dos TemplariosShao-Lin's Road [74]Show Jumping [70]Silent Service [86]Sir Fred [85]Sky Ranger [56]S.O.S. [70]Sodov The Sorcerer [76]SOS Naufrágio instruções [80]Space Harrier [77]Spindizzy [94]Split Personalities [83]Splitting Images [88]Sport Of Kings [47]Spytrek AdventureStainless Steel [68]Starglider [97]Starstrike II [92]Storm [51]Street Hawk [62]Strike Force Cobra [91]Strike Force Harrier [77]Subterranean Nightmare [68]Super Bowl [68]Super Soccer [72]Survivors [63]Sweevo's World [86]Swords Of Bane [74]Tantalus [72]Tarzan [71]Terra Cognita [75]Terra Cresta [70]The Terrors Of Trantoss [88]Thanatos [79]Theatre Europe [89]They Stole A Million [85]Thingy And The Doodahs [50]Three Weeks In Paradise [96]Thrust [85]Time Trax [51]Toad Runner [70]Top Gun [71]Trailblazer [95]Transformers [67]The Trap Door [93]Tremor [50]Las Tres Luces De Glaurung [58]TT Racer [83]Tujad [70]Turbo Esprit [87]Twice Shy [73]Twister The Mother Of Charlotte [85]Universal Hero [78]Uridium [90]V The Game [78]Video Olympics [55]Video Poker [52]WAR part 1 part 2 [79]War GameThe Way of the Tiger [93]Who Dares Wins II [54]Winter Games day 1 day 2 [86]Winter Wonderland [80]World Cup Carnival [25]World Cup ManagerXarq [75]Xeno [89]Yie Ar Kung-Fu II [48]The Young Ones [58]Zorro [64]Zub [83]Zythum [60]

1985 ( 190 ) 007 A View To A Kill [78]911 TS [39]2112 AD [84]Abu Simbel Profanation [73]Aladdin's Cave [55]Ali-BebeAlien 8 [83]The Arc of Yesod [86]Arnhem [90]Astroclone [89]Ataque A La FlotaBack To Skool [94]Back to the Future [41]Barry McGuigan Championship Boxing [79]Beach Head 2 [74]Benny Hill [66]Blade Runner [63]Blaster [88]Bored Of The Rings v2 part 1 part 2 [85]Boulder Dash II [88]Bounces [66]Bounty Bob Strikes Back [78]Brainstorm [68]Brian Bloodaxe [72]Buck Rogers [48]Buggy Blast [78]The Bulge [67]Cauldron [85]Caves Of Doom [69]Chaos [77]Chiller [42] Chimera [84]Chuckie Egg 2 [67]Cluedo [71]Commando [85]Cosmic Wartoad [77]Costa Capers [55]The CountThe Covenant [59]Critical Mass [85]Custard Kid [72]Crystal Quest [100]Cyberun [78]Cyclone [84]Daley Thompson's Supertest day 1 day 2 [80]The Dam Busters [58]Death Star Interceptor [48]Death Wake [63]Desert Rats [95]The Devil's Crown [67]Dogsbody [53]DominóDon't Panic [70]Dragontorc [79]Drunk Policeman [60]Dukes Of Hazzard [53]Dun Darach [95]Dynamite Dan [84]Elite [96]Emerald Isle [87]The Empire Fights BackEndurance [83]Enigma Force [89]Everyone's A Wally [80]Fairlight [93]Falcon Patrol 2 [45]The Fall Guy [58]Fighting Warrior [59]Finders Keepers [74]Flintstones Yabba Dabba Doo! [70]Formula One [90]The Fourth Protocol part 1 part 2 part 3 [90]Frank Bruno's Boxing [77]Frankie Goes To Hollywood [97]Geoff Capes Strongman [70]Geografia De PortugalGerry The Germ [48]Glass [73]Grand National [73]The Great Fire Of London [66]Gremlins The Adventure [75]Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth [82]Gunfright [86]Gyroscope [91]Herbert's Dummy Run [84]Highway Encounter [85]História De Portugal 1820-1976Historia Universal ptHyper Sports [78]I Of The Mask [84]Ian Botham's Test MatchICUPS [65]Impossible Mission [83]International Karate part 1 part 2 [69]Jason's GemJet Set Willy 2 [66]Jonah Barrington's Squash [70]The Journey [90]Journey's End [60]Juggernaut [64]Knockout side A side B [44]Kong Strikes Back [69]Krypton RaiderLocomotion [70]Macadam Bumper [81]Magic CarpetMaratonaMarsport [91]Match Day [70]Mikie [80]Minder [78]Mindshadow part 1 part 2 [67]Monopoly [64]Monty Is Innocent [60]Monty On The Run [82]Moon Cresta [62]Mordon's Quest [93]Musculos pt instrucoesNodes of Yesod [82]Nightshade [72]Nonterraqueous [56]Ole,Toro [44]On The Run [76]One Man And His Droid [72]Overlords [90]Panzadrome [76]Paradise CaféPhineas Frogg [80]Popeye [85]Project Future [90]Quiz Quest [55]Raid Over Moscow [92]Rallye De PortugalRambo [76]Red Moon [97]Riddler's Den [89]Robin Of Sherwood: Touchstones Rhiannon [90]Robin Of The Wood [88]Robot Messiah [74]Rocco [63]Rock'n Wrestle [69]Rockman [75]Rocky Horror Show [64]Roland's Rat Race [73]Roller Coaster [80]Rupert And The Toymaker's Party [65]Saboteur! [88]Schizofrenia [40]SgrizamShadowfire [92]Skyfox [84]Snodgits [69]Sorderon's Shadow [85]Southern Belle [81]Spellbound [89]Spitfire '40 [80]Spy Hunter [74]Spy vs Spy [83]Starion [91]Starquake [92]Strip JackSuper Pipeline II [70]Surf Champ [78]Swords And Sorcery [77]Talos [70]Tapper [87]Tau Ceti [91]Teste De PsicologiaThat's The Spirit [81]Their Finest Hour [92]Think! [86]Tomahawk [87]TommyToy Bizarre [54]Vectron [66]The Vera Cruz Affair part 1 part 2 [88]Waterloo [86]The Way Of The Exploding Fist [85]West Bank [75]Winter Sports [58]The Witch's Cauldron [77]Wizard's Lair [72]World Series Basketball [81]The Worm in Paradise [93]Wriggler [67]Xcel [71]Yie Ar Kung-Fu [83]Zaxxon [58]Zoids The Battle Begins [74]Zoot [72]

1984 ( 165 ) 3D Bat Attack [44]3D Starstrike [69]3D Tank Duel [61]Adastra [80]Africa Gardens [92]Airwolf [47]Alien [65]All or Nothing [55]Antics [80]Astor Slot Machine ptAstronut [80]Automania [74]Avalon [84]Babaliba [48]Battle Zone [67]Battlecars [56]BC Bill [67]Beach-Head [68]Billy Bluebottle [65]Billy BongThe Biz [83]Black Hawk [78]Blockbusters [82]Blue Max [69]Blue Thunder [70]Booty [79]The Boss [10]Boulder Dash [82]Bruce Lee [76]Brum Brum [80]Cat Walk [62]Cavelon [85]Chuckie Egg [80]Codename Mat [91]Codename Mat II [67]Colditz [80]Combat Lynx [77]Conquest [48]D-Day [83]Daley Thompson's Decathlon day 1 day 2 [71]Danger Mouse In Double Trouble [71]Dark Star [79]Delta Wing [80]Doomdark's Revenge [89]Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge [52]Enduro [49]Eric and The Floaters [60]Eskimo Eddie [48]Eureka! [64]Factory Breakout [90]The Fall Of Rome [58]Fantasia Diamond [85]Fantastic Voyage [83]Férias Em PortugalFlyer Fox [66] Frank N Stein [75]Froot Loop [50]Full Throttle [72]Ghostbusters [62]Giant's Revenge [47]Gift From The Gods [71]Gilligan's Gold [61]Glider [40]O Globo Da Luz [80]Glug Glug [69]Hampstead [78]Harry Goes Home [46]H.E.R.O. [68]História De Portugal 1095-1519 1520-1820Howzat [47]The Hulk [75]Hunchback II [62]Hyperaction [77]Invasion Force [84]Jack And The Beanstalk [63]Jasper [74]Jet Set Willy [96]John Caig Sailboat RacingJolly Roger Kentilla [76]Knight Lore [91]Kokotoni Wilf [79]Kosmic Kanga [77]Krakatoa [78]Kung-Fu [67]Lazy Jones [39]Lode Runner [67]Lone Wolf Flight from the Dark [65]The Lords of Midnight [89]Match Point [90]Micro Olympics [49]Millionaire [75]Moon Alert [95]Moon PatrolMs PacmanMugsy [67]Mugsys Revenge [72] Mutant Monty [70]Oh Mummy [69]Olympimania [57]The Oracle's Cave [70]Orc Attack [91]Out Of The Shadows [90]Pac-Man [48]Panama JoePedro [61]Percy The Potty Pigeon [65]Peter Pan [50]Pole Position [64]PortugeoThe Prince [83]Psytron [93]Pud Pud [73]Pyjamarama [87]The Quest For The Staff Of The First MoonRally DriverRapscallion [68]Rebelstar RaidersReturn Of The ThingsReturn to Eden [84]Revenge Of The Killer Tomatoes [61]The Runes Of Zendos [68]Sabre Wulf [90]The Saga Of Erik The Viking [84]Saimazoom [52]Sherlock [87]Sir Lancelot [82]Skool Daze [86]Skull [69]The Snowman [70]Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space [74]Special Delivery [71]Special Operations [47]Spider-Man [70]Sports Hero [56]Stagecoach [66]Steve Davis Snooker [74]Strangeloop [84]StriptiseSuper ChopperSuperpower [100]Survival [70]System 15000 [73]Technician Ted [80]Tiler [58]Tir Na Nog [88]Tornado Low Level [76]Tower Of Evil [87]Trashman [86]Travel With Trashman [64]Tribble Trubble [80]Turmoil [76]Twin Kingdom Valley [80]Ugh! [51]Underwurlde [90]Valkyrie 17 [70]Video Pool [65] Viking Raiders [60]Wanted: Monty Mole [87]The War Of The Worlds [48]War Zone [100]The Wild Bunch [60]World Cup Football [57]Worse Things Happen At Sea [84]The Wrath of Magra [65]Zombie Zombie [69]

1983 ( 78 ) 1984 [82]2003: A Space Oddity [30]Alchemist [84]Android 1Android 2 [90]Ant Attack [59]Apocalypse [80]AquaplaneAstro BlasterAtic Atac [86]Barmy BurgersBattle 1917 [63]BC's Quest for Tires [69]Bear Bovver [80]The Birds and the Bees [83]Bugaboo [74]Chequered Flag [72]Chuckman [80]Colossal AdventureCombat ZoneComputer ScrabbleCookie [100]Corrida De CavalosCyber Zone [85]Cyrus IS Chess [80]DamasDeathchase [77]Dictator [100]Fighter Pilot [82]Fred [73]Halls of the Things [90]Harrier Attack [26]High NoonHorace and the SpidersHunchback [68]Jetpac [60]Jumbly [67]Jumping Jack [90]Jungle TroubleLoony Zoo [68]Luna Crabs [62]Lunar Jetman [93]Manic Miner [96]Maziacs [81]Night Gunner [76] Pai NatalPainterPandemonia [74]Panic [76]Penetrator [70]Pheenix [50]Pinball [69]Pogo [60]Pssst [80]The Pyramid [87]Racing ManagerRiver Rescue [51]Scuba Dive [82]The ShuttleSnowball [90]Splat [81]Stonkers [89]Stop The Express [85]Styx [40]Terror-Daktil 4D [80]Time-Gate [80]Tranz Am [80]Treinador De Futebol ptTurbo DriverValhalla [81]Wheelie [78]Wild West Hero [71]Winged Warlords [70]Wizard's Warriors [35]Word FinderWord PuzzleXadom [63]Zzoom [100]

YEARS: 1982-19871988-19992000-2019


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