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The Classic ZX Spectrum Games 1988-1999

1999 ( 1 ) Marbles

1998 ( 2 ) Boovie 2(1998) Formula One 98 mod

1997 Coming soon...

1996 ( 2 ) Lemmings 3Prince Of Persia

1992 ( 72 ) 3D Stock Cars II [52]All American Basketball [44]American Pool [80]American Tag Team Wrestling [85]Ano GaiaAstroball [90]Bangers and Mash [75]Biff [77]Bignose In The USA [80]Block-DizzyCaptain Dynamo [89]Ceasefire 2 Night RunChampionship 3D Snooker [78]Colon 1492Count Duckula 2 [28]Cue BoyDizzy VII Crystal Kingdom Dizzy [80]DJ Puff [58]Doctor Who: Dalek Attack [56]Fireman Sam [70]Football GloryFreaky FootyFun School 4 For The Under 5s [83]Fun School 4 For 5-7 Year Olds [82]Fun School 4 For 7-11 Year Olds [83]G-Loc [82]Get Me To The Church On TimeGoblin Mountain modGraeme Souness Soccer Manager [52]Grand Prix Challenge [68]Grand Prix DriversGrell And Falla [79]Haunted HouseHead The BallHideous [72]Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis [82]International 5-A-Side [37]International Tennis [85]InvertorJames Bond OctopussyJet-StoryThe Jetsons [70]Light Cycle IIMatch Of The Day [87]Neighbours [70]Nigel Mansells World Championship [85]Paperboy 2 [83]Pedro Na Ostrove PiratovPicture BookPieces Of EightPixy The Microdot 2Playdays [65]Popeye 3 [70]Postman Pat 3Potsworth and Co [88]The Prayer Of The Warrior part 1 part 2Reckless Rufus [90]RikosphereRobocop 3 [88]Sergeant Seymour RobotCop [81]Sleep Walker [75]Snare [78]Space Crusade [91]Space Gun [82]Steg [90]Stuntman SeymourSword of the Samurai [71]Turbo The Tortoise [88]Wacky RacesWild West Seymour [87]World Cup [56]World Of Soccer 48K

1991 ( 131 ) 1st Division Manager [74]2 Player Soccer Squad [45]3D Grand Prix Championship750cc Grand Prix [72]The Addams Family [90]AdventurerAlien Storm [84]AutocrasBack to the Future Part III [85]Bart vs. The Space Mutants [83]Battle Command [89]BlamThe Bobby Yazz Show [70]Bonanza Brothers [78]Brain SportCaptain Planet [67]Carlos SainzThe Champ [66]Championship Run [66]Chefs Mate 2Chevy Chase [77]Cisco Heat [65]CJ's Elephant Antics [81]CJ's 2 In The USA [87]Cromwell At War 1642-1645 [70]Darkman [70]Desperado 2Devastating Blow [67]Dirt Track Racer [59]Dizzy V Spellbound DizzyDizzy VI Prince of the Yolkfolk [82]Double Dare [71]Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone [84]Downtown [62]EthnipodEuro BossEuropean Superleague [77]Exterminator [85]Extreme [85]F-16 Combat Pilot [89]F1 Tornado Simulator [62]Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun [79]Flip ItFootball Manager 3 [72]Fun School 3 For The Under 5s side A side B [84]Fun School 3 For 5-7 Year Olds side A side B [86]Fun School 3 For The Over 7sGenghis KhanThe Golden Pyramid [90]GP Formula 1 SimulatorHammer Boy part 1 part 2Hawk Storm [63]Hero Quest [84]Hero Quest: Return Of The Witch Lord [88]Hobgoblin [64]Hudson Hawk [87]Hunt For Red October [71]Huxley Pig part 1 part 2 [59]Hydra [62]IdiliarInter-Change [77]International Ninja RabbitsInto The Mystic [78]Jahangir Khan Squash part 1 part 2 [81]Jonny Quest In Doctor Zin's Underworld [78]Kamikaze [65]Kongs Revenge part 1 part 2The Last BelieverLemmings [91]Lone Wolf - The Mirror Of Death [87]LoopzLord of Chaos [84]The Lost DragonManchester United Europe [71]Megaphoenix [53]Mercs [77]Miami Cobra GT [77]Moontorc [79]Multi-Player Soccer Manager [65]Mystical [75]Narco Police [65]Navy Seals part 1 part 2 [86]Night Shift [92]North & South [91]Outrun Europa [83]Panic Dizzy [76]PekingPit Fighter [61]Popeye 2 [76]Predator 2 [78]Quick Draw McGraw [70]R.B.I. 2 Baseball [85]Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote [66]Robozone [71]Rod-Land [92]Scooby-Doo & Scrappy-Doo [84]Seymour At The Movies [82]Shadow Dancer [82]Smash TV [92]Snowstrike [69]Soccer RivalsSpike In Transylvania [80]Stack Up [81]Star Control [65]Super Cup FootballSuper Monaco GP [80]Super Seymour Saves The Planet [85]Super Space Invaders [77]Switchblade [84]SWIV [88]Tai Chi Tortoise [77]Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op [89]Terminator 2 Judgment Day [77]TetroidThomas The Tank Engine and Friends [32]Titanic Blinky [80]Top Cat [71]The Top Fruit MachineTotal Eclipse 2: The Sphinx Jinx [90]Total Recall [88]Tour 91Toyota Celica GT Rally [80]Turrican II [85]TwinzViz - The Computer Game [55]Wacky Darts [80]Welltris [68]World Championship Soccer [67]World Class Rugby [88]WWF Wrestlemania [80]Zona 0

1990 ( 176 ) 007 The Spy Who Loved Me [63]3D SnookerAdidas Championship Football [86]Adidas Championship Tie-Break [76]Advanced Pinball Simulator [57]African Trail SimulatorAngel Nieto Pole 500Arcade Fruit Machine [53]AresAtom Ant [72]AtomixBack to the Future II [65]Badlands [74]Beverly Hills Cop [55]Black Tiger [80]Blazing Thunder [59]Blinky's Scary School [77]Bloodwych [87]BronxBuggy RangerCastle Master [86]Castle Master IICavemania [58]Chase HQ 2 [74]Chip's Challenge [82]Corsarios part 1 part 2Crack Down [77]Cup ManagerCyberball [60]Dan Dare III: The Escape [87]Darius [75]Days Of Thunder [57]Delta [58]Dick Tracy [56]Dragons Of Flame [62]Dynasty Wars [67]E-Motion [86]E-SWAT [48]Earth ShakerEdd The Duck [73]Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz [64]Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters [86]La Espada SagradaF-16 Fighting Falcon [52]The Famous Five On a Treasure Island [81]Fantastic American Football [73]Fighter Bomber [81]Football Champions [66]Football Manager: World Cup Edition [82]Frankenstein JnrFruit Machine Simulator 2 [69]Full Throttle 2 [58]Future Bike Simulator [75]Garfield Winters Tail [50]Gauntlet III: The Final Quest [88]Gazza's Super Soccer [51]Gazza II [84]Golden Axe [67]Grand Prix Circuit [63]Gremlins 2 [79]Guardian II: Revenge Of The Mutants [83]Havoc [63]Heavy Metal [83]Helter Skelter [86]Hong Kong Phooey [59]Hostages [82]Hot Rod [46]Ice BreakerImpossamole [75]Interalia: Cerius II [51]International 3D Tennis [78]Italy 1990 [72]Jackson CityJocky Wilson's Darts Compendium [77]Jungle WarriorKenny Dalglish Soccer Manager [70]Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match [52]Kick Off 2 [67]Klax [87]Knight Force [60]The Last Vampire [76]The Light Corridor [87]Line Of Fire [77]Little Puff [88]LornaLos Angeles Drugs Bust [68]Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge [86]Mad Mix 2Magic Johnson's BasketballThe Manager [59]Manchester United [77]Midnight Resistance [90]Mortadelo y Filemon 2 part 1 part 2Motorcycle 500 48KMountain Bike Racer spMountain Bike Racer uk [63]Mundial De FutbolNARC [74]NaveNew York Warriors [63]Night Breed [68]Night Hunter [85]Ninja Spirit [67]Oberon 69Oriental Games [82]P-47 Thunderbolt [75]Pang [91]Para AcademyPipe Mania [89]Plotting [86]Poli DiazPoseidon Planet 11 [46]Prince Clumsy [71]Prison Riot [82]Pro Golf Simulator [77]Pro Tennis Tour [72]Professional Go-Kart Simulator [57]Project Stealth Fighter [84]Puzznic [85]Rad Ramp Racer [75]Rainbow Islands [94]Rally Cross Simulator [57]Raster Runner [78]Rescate En El Golfo part 1 part 2Rick Dangerous 2 [89]Robocop 2 [90]Ruff And Reddy [72]Saint Dragon [73]Scramble Spirits [66]Seahawk [80]Senda Salvaje side A side BShadow Warriors [76]Sim City [88]Simon El ExtraterrestreSimulador Profesional de TenisSirwood intro part 1 part 2 part 3Sito Pons 500cc Grand PrixSlightly Magic [85]Sly Spy Secret Agent [80]Snoopy [72]Soccer ChallengeSonic Boom [62]Sooty And Sweep [44]Soviet part 1 part 2Space 1999: The InvasionSpace Harrier II [76]Space Rider [56]Spaghetti Western [53]Steel EagleStir Crazy Featuring Bobo [59]Stormlord II: Deliverance [81]Strider II [83]S.T.U.N. Runner [46]Subbuteo The Computer Game [69]Super Cars [82]Super Off Road [90]Super Stock Car [62]Superleague Soccer [52]Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles [87]Tetris 2Tilt [75]Time Machine [91]Turbo Outrun [73]Turrican [87]Twin World [79]UN Squadron [79]Vendetta [75]Wizard Willy [55]World Championship Boxing Manager [77]World Cup GloryWorld Cup Soccer '90 [67]World Soccer [67]X-Out [81]Yogi's Great Escape [72]Zombi [85]

1989 ( 210 ) 007 Licence to Kill [76]3D Pool [79]4 Soccer Simulators 11 A Side Soccer Indoor Soccer Soccer Skills Street Soccer [69]Aaargh [44]Action Fighter [72]Advanced Soccer Simulator [83]After The War part 1 part 2 [70]Altered Beast [73]Arcade Flight Simulator [68]Arcade Trivia Quiz [72]Artura [49]Astro Marine Corps part 1 part 2 [69]La Aventura Original part 1 part 2AvernoBasket [70] Batman: The Movie [86]Beach VolleyBestial WarriorBilly The Kid [76]Blasteroids [75]BMX Freestyle Simulator [63]British Super League [50]BumpyButcher Hill [60]By Fair Means Or Foul [47]Cabal [83]Canyon Warrior [66]Capitan Trueno part 1 part 2Captain Fizz [63]Carrier Command [95]CasanovaChampionship Soccer [79]Chase HQ [93]Comando QuatroComando Tracer [62]Continental Circus [71]Cosmic SheriffCount Duckula [72]Curro JimenezThe Cycles [62]Death Stalker [59]Defender of the CrownDimension Omega side A side BDizzy: Crash Special EditionDizzy III Fantasy World Dizzy [88]Dizzy IV Magicland Dizzy [92]D.N.A. Warrior [51]Doctor Dooms Revenge [63]Dominator [75]Double Dragon II The Revenge [75]Dragon Breed [84]Dragon Spirit [77]Drazen Petrovic BasketDynamite Dux [78]Eddie Edwards Super SkiEmlyn Hughes International Soccer [80]Encyclopedia Of War: Ancient Battles [87]Fallen Angel [40]Fighting Soccer [58]Footballer of the Year 2 [70]Forgotten Worlds [83]Freddy Hardest In South Manhattan [66]Fun School 2 For The Under 6s side A side BFun School 2 For 6-8 Year Olds side A side B [86]Fun School 2 For The Over 8s side A side BGalaxy Force [71]The Games Summer Edition [75]Gemini Wing [60]Ghostbusters 2 [69]Ghouls n'Ghosts [82]Gilbert: Escape From Drill [76]GodsGonzzalezz part 1 part 2Grand Prix Simulator 2 [76]Gregory Loses His Clock [81]Hard Drivin' [85]HATE [78]Hellfire Attack [49]Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade [77]Iron Lord [80]Jaws [69]Joe Blade III [82]Kemshu [66]Kick Off [76]Kosmos [84]Last Duel [62]Livingstone Supongo 2 part 1 part 2Mach 3El MantecasMaze Mania [62]MetropolisMichel Futbol MasterMichel Super SkillsMicroprose Soccer side A side B [83]Mindtrap [75]Monte Carlo Casino [84]Moonwalker level 1 level 2 level 3 [66]Mot tape 1 side A tape 1 side B tape 2 side A tape 2 side BMoto Cross Simulator [42]Moving Target [68]Mr Heli [75]The Munsters [55]Mutan Zone part 1 part 2Mutant Fortress [69]Myth: History In The Making [94]The New Zealand Story [89]Ninja Massacre [33]The Ninja Warriors [68]Obliterator [65]Official Father Christmas [43]Olli and Lissa III [77]Operation Gunship [82]Operation Hormuz [55]Operation Thunderbolt [86]Pac-Land [65]Panther [65]Passing Shot [75]Perico Delgado Maillot AmarilloPeter Pack Rat [79]Pictionary [67]Pinball Power [57]Play For PeacePolearn [91]Postman Pat 2 [48]Power Drift [81]Powerplay es [83]Professional Soccer [81]Psycho CityPsycho Hopper [65]Puffys Saga [60]Punch And JudyPurple Saturn Day [74]QuondamRally Cross [71]Rally Simulator [55]Rath-ThaThe Real Ghostbusters [68]Red Heat [75]Renegade III [80]ReptonRepton 2Rescate Atlantida [63]Rick Dangerous [80]Ring Wars [67]Rock Star Ate My Hamster [66]Run The Gauntlet [78]The Running Man [76]SabrinaSaigon Combat Unit part 1 part 2 [64]Saint And Greavsie [44]Sanxion [75]SAS Combat Simulator [68]Satan part 1 part 2 [74]Scapeghost part 1 part 2 part 3 [84]Score 3020 [60]Shark [75]Shoot-Out [40]Silkworm [84]Skate Or Die [68]Skatin' USA [81]Soccer Star [28]Sol Negro part 1 part 2Spherical [79]Spooked [84]Star Wars Return Of The Jedi [68]Starglider 2 [84]Stormlord [81]Street Cred' BoxingStreet Cred' Football [49]Street Gang [40]Street Gang Football [55]Strider [82]StrikerStunt Car Racer [88]Subway Vigilante [57]Super Dragon Slayer [68]Super LeagueSuper Scramble Simulator [78]Super Wonder Boy [84]Superbike Trans-AmSuperman: The Man Of Steel [35]T-Bird [64]TargetTask Force [71]Terrorpods [57]Test Drive II The Duel [59]Thunderbirds mission 1 mission 2 mission 3 mission 4 [81]Time Scanner [88]Tintin on the Moon [74]Toi Acid GameTom and JerryToobin [69]Traz [60]Treinador De Futebol 1989Tusker [82]Twin Turbo V8 [53]UlisesThe Untouchables [92]Viaje al Centro de la TierraVictory Road [74]Vigilante [70]Vindicators [57]War In Middle Earth [78]Werewolves Of London [30]Wild Streets [51]World Soccer LeagueXenophobe 128K [78]Xybots [83]Zybex [87]

1988 ( 243 ) 007 Live And Let Die [61]19 Part 1 Boot Camp [76]1943 The Battle Of Midway [57]24 Horas3D Starfighter [45]3D Stock Car Championship [71]4x4 Off Road Racing [61]The A-Team part 1 part 2La Abadia Del CrimenAbracadabra part 1 part 2ACE 2088 [56]Action Force II [89]Afterburner [80]Airborne Ranger [68]Alien Syndrome [83]Andy Capp [72]Arkanoid II [81]Arctic Fox [46]Aspar GP Master [43]ATF [87]Ballbreaker II [62]Barbarian II: The Dungeon Of Drax [72]The Bard's Tale [82]Batman: The Caped Crusader part 1 part 2 [89]Beach Buggy Simulator [80]The Beast [73]Bedlam [78]Beyond The Ice Palace [70]Bionic Commando [83]Black Beard [76]Black Lamp [70]Blade Warrior [40]Blind PanicBlitzkrieg [70]Blood Brothers part 1 part 2 part 3 [73]Boxing Manager 2 [65]Brat AttackBuggy Boy [66]Cabal [83]Cage Match [25]Capitan SevillaCaptain Blood [73]Cerius [74]Championship Sprint [63]Chicago's 30 [63]Chubby Gristle [43]Circus Games [41]City Connection 128K 48K [100]Coliseum [67]Crazy Cars [61]Crazy Cars 2 [72]Crosswize [77]CrusaderCybernoid [90]Cybernoid II: The Revenge [86]Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge [73]Dan Dare II [78]Dan Dare 2 SU EditionDark Fusion [74]Dark Side [92]The Deep [38]Demons DreamDenizen [56]Diamond [52]Dizzy II Treasure Island Dizzy [76]Don't Say It, Spray ItDouble Dragon [59]Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde part 1 part 2 part 3 [81]Draconus [71]Dragon Ninja [66]Dragonia [80]Dream Warrior [47]Droidz [56]Earthlight [81]Eliminator [72]Espionage [74]European 5-a-side [59]Exploding Fist + [59]Fernandez Must Die [77]Firefly [93]The Flintstones [67]Football Manager 2 [83]Foxx Fights Back [80]Free ClimbingFrightmare [52]Front-Line [63]FrontiersThe Fury [57]The Games - Winter Edition [72]Garfield [87]Gary Lineker's Super Skills [55]Gauntlet II [82]GI Hero [53]Grand Prix [57]Grand Prix Tennis [44]La Guerra De Las Vajillas part 1 part 2Gunfighter [62]Gutz [67]Heroes Of The Lance [66]The Hit Squad [76]Hoppin' Mad [69]Hotshot [83]Human Killing Machine [70]HumphreyHundra [33]The Hunt For Red October [75]Hyper ActiveIkari Warriors [75]Impact [63]Impossible Mission II [78]Inside Outing [91]International CricketJet Bike Simulator standard expert [69]Joe Blade 2 [73]Karnov [83]Lancelot part 1 part 2 part 3 [88]Laser Squad [89]Last Ninja 2 [86]League Challenge [39]Mad Mix Game [67]Madballs [72]Magnetron [81]Marauder [82]Maria's Christmas BoxMask II [78]Mask III [75]Mega-Apocalypse [66]Mega ChessMetal Army [75]Mickey Mouse [84]Microball [47]Mind Fighter [79]Mini-Putt [62]Mortadelo y Filemon [48]Motorbike Madness [58]The Muncher [85]Navy Moves part 1 part 2 [73]Netherworld [79]Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix [70]Ninja Scooter Simulator [65]North Star [75]O.K. Yah!OgeroxOn The Bench [48]OopsOperation Wolf [86]Overkill [40]Overlander [79]Overlord [85]Pac-Mania [83]Paris-DakarPegasus Bridge [63]Peter Beardsleys International Football [29]PHM Pegasus [66]Piggy [12]Pink Panther [43]Platoon [79]El Poder OscuroPower Pyramids [56]Powerama [68]Prowler [41]Psycho Pig UXB [65]Psycho Soldier [69]Pulse Warrior [52]Punk StarR-Type [91]The Race Against Time [70]Rack One's BrainsRambo III [72]Rampage [68]Ramparts [54]Rastan [81]Raw RecruitRebelstar 2 one player two players [84]Rex [87]Road Blasters [75]Robocop [88]Rock'n RollerRockford [72]Rolling Thunder [74]Samurai Warrior [79]Savage intro part 1 part 2 part 3 [81]Scumball [66]Shackled [53]Shanghai Karate [52]Side Arms [58]Silent ShadowSkateball [77]Skate Crazy [80]Soldier of Fortune [75]Soldier Of Light [61]Sophistry [82]S.O.S. No Paraíso [50]Spitting Image [58]Stalingrad [74]Star Farce [75]Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back [81]Stop Ball [14]Street CredStreet Fighter [63]Street Hassle [69]Street Sports Basketball [53]SubmarinerSummer Games [59]Summer Games II [75]Super Hero [67]Super Sports The Olympic Challenge [68]Super Stunt Man [68]Super Trolley [54]Supertrux [61]Sword Slayer [50]Tanium [48]Tank Attack [62]Target Renegade [86]Techno Cop [69]Teladon [54]Tetris [90]Thing! [84]ThingummyThorThunder Blade [85]Tiger Road [52]Time Flies [30]Times of Lore [87]Titanic part 1 part 2 [52]Tour de Force [55]Tracksuit Manager [81]The Train: Escape To Normandy [68]Triple ComandoTuaregTurbo Girl [41]Typhoon [67]Under GroundVampire's Empire [58]Vikings part 1 part 2 [71]Vindicator [70]WEC Le Mans [82]Welcome To Hollywood [80]Wells and FargoWhere Time Stood Still [88]Wizard Warz [59]Xarax [67]Xenon [86]Yeti [65]Z80 AttackZolyx [48]

YEARS: 1982-19871988-19992000-2019


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